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Cabela's Cancels Military/Veterans Discount. | Northwest ...

Home Depot ended their veteran's 10% discount last October. I spent roughly $40K there in 2016 remodeling our home. I haven't set foot in their store since. Dropping the veteran's discount seems to be a trend. As for Cabela's, what you CANNOT get a military/veteran discount on at Cabela's: Yes, there are some exclusions: Firearms; Used consignment


Cabela's Cancels Military/Veterans Discount.

Just came home from Cabela's. If you were Active Duty or a Veteran, they used to offer a 5% discount on purchases. No longer. Suck it up guys. The long arm of Bass Pro Shop is seriously affecting Cabela's. Besides the loss of the 5% discount, the high muckity-mucks at Bass Pro Shops have also decreed that firearms will no longer be allowed to be on lay away.


Cabela's Veteran Discount No Longer -

Bought a new firearm and some ammo at Cabela's today at their Father's day. So, at the checkout asked for my veteran discount that I've received in the past and they told me they no longer honor the veteran discount on gun and ammo purchases. Seems since the merger with Bass Pro there have been a few changes.


Cabela's Veterans Day Commercial: #ThanksForTheOutdoors

This veterans cause-marketing commercial is a first for Cabela's, but the style of the ad is not. Rather than tout discounts or products, the Cabela's ad portrays the outdoors as a place to experience heartfelt connections (with thanks to veterans for making that possible). On Facebook alone, the ad was viewed more than 1.5 million times, propelled by over 25,000 likes and 7,600 shares.


Veteran Discount | Trap Shooters Forum

Some while ago I was very critical of Cabela's for a decision to change their policy of the on line Veterans discount... Looked on their site a couple days ago and it seems now the discount is back.


Veterans Discount Now At Cabela's | Americantrapshooter ...

A while ago I was extremely critical of the decision by Cabela's to discontinue their VETERANS discount.... not because of the dollar value but based on what I viewed as an insult those that had served and those now serving..... time frame coincided with other a€

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