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Steampunk Wedding Dresses | Vintage, Victorian, Black

Tim Burton Gothic Wedding Dress Jack Skellington Black Stripe Victorian Steampunk Costume Corset Dress Night Circus Dress . $1,132.00. Find your dream Steampunk wedding dress inpsired by the Victorian era, romantic vintage dresses, and gothic black gowns. Steampunk wedding ...


1940s Men's Hats: Vintage Styles, History, Buying Guide

Stylistically the main difference between hats of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s were how they were worn. Most hats were worn tilted to one side. Hat brims took on many shapes with the back brim curved upwards being the one common feature among many styles of 1940s men's hats for sale. The width of the brim was quite wide in the early '40s and ...


Edwardian Inspired Clothing For Sale: Dresses, Shoes, Jewelry

Re-create the 1900 to 1919 Edwardian era with men's and women's Titanic inspired clothing. Beautiful dresses, shoes and accessories. Fashion history.


1930s Style Mens Hats And Caps -

New vintage style 1930s men's hats and caps complete the man of the golden Hollywood era. 1930s men's hat styles included the fedora or trilby, Homburg, derby or bowler, ivy cap, walking hat, and boater.Fedora hats came in bright colors- hunter green, medium blue, brown, and grey with a wide Petersham band. In summer most men wore straw hats such as the Panama, toyo, straw fedora, straw ...


Bulova Accutron - Men's American Watch History

Although Bulova is now owned by Japanese brand, Citizen, Bulova was once a solid American watch company that Americans were proud to own. The Accutron was a watch that perfectly exemplifies Bulova's forward-thinking and leading example in the watch world.


Edwardian Shoes & Boots | Titanic Shoes

Titanic style shoes, Edwardian shoes, Downton Abbey shoes, and World War 1 boots- all of these phrases are looking for 1900-1920 style women's shoes. Common Edwardian shoe fashions included boots for walking, slippers, and mules for evening dinners, and mary jane flats or oxfords for home use. The secret to the design is in the ornamentation


Titanic Dresses & Costumes | 1912 Dresses links to clothing for sale online to make finding vintage inspired clothing easier. Our Story. Dressing in vintage style clothing for a themed event or personal fashion is our passion. We turned a hobby into this website to make it easy to find vintage inspired clothing for women and men online spanning 1900-1960s.


Steampunk Hats: Top Hats, Mini Top Hats, And More

You can not complete your Steampunk costume without a Victorian inspired Steampunk hat. From men''s Steampunk Leather Top Hats or classic bowlers (Derby) to women''s mini top hats your choices are many.You can Steampunk hats online from a variety of retailers in styles and price ranges to suit your Steampunk costume.You can choose a basic Victorian style hat and decorate it with goggles ...


1960s Style Clothing & 60s Fashion -

TV shows like Mad Men made 1960s fashion popular again.Most mainstream fashions today are also heavily inspired by the 1960s. Knee length swing dresses, shift dresses, mod colorblock dresses, wiggle dresses, mini skirts, crop pants and flare jeans are back in style for women.


Retro Clothing For Men | Vintage Men''s Fashion

New vintage retro clothing for men. Create your own men''s vintage-inspired outfits with these clothing essentials that span the 1920s to 1970s decades. While there are many interpretations of what retro men''s clothing is or isn''t these are some of the fashion pieces we have in our wardrobes:


Women''s Vintage Shoes & Boots To Buy

Today''s post will explore fabulous new retro vintage boots and shoes available to buy this season. In times gone by, shoes and boots could prove difficult items to purchase. I''m sure I am not the only one who remembers trudging around numerous stores as a ...


1940s Shoes For Men: History And Buying Guide

The most common 1940s shoes for men were lace up dress shoes, also known as Oxfords. These shoes became common starting in the 1900s and have remained popular dress shoes for men today. What makes them unique to the 1940s is the material, heel and top stitch detailing.


Vintage Inspired Party Dresses -

For less formal dinners, perhaps some vintage inspired separates would be more befitting. However, when it comes to party wear, there are many differing semi-formal styles to select from. Today''s article will explore various styles of fabulous vintage inspired party dresses...


1920s Handbags, Purses, And Shopping Bag Styles

History of ladies 1920s handbags, purses, and shopping bags. Including favorites like the clutch, beaded reticules, tooled leather bags, and shopping carts.


1930s Handbags And Purses History With Pictures

In order to trace a history of popular handbags and purses of the 1930s, we must first examine the previous decades. During the twentieth century, women''s bags and purses evolved from tiny styles worn in the home, to the practical sturdy styles we are familiar with today.


Vintage Style 1940s Mens Hats -

1940s men were nothing without a hat. Popular men's 1940s hats were the wool felt Fedora, Trilby, Homburg, and Porkpie. For summer the straw Panama which looked similar to felt versions kept heads cool. Men's Fedora hats had a wide brim of at least 2 and 5/8 inches and a tall crown with a deep center dent or C shaped crown.


1920s Mens Suits | Gatsby, Gangster, Peaky Blinders

While vintage 1920s mens suits are hard to find you can look roaring twenties with the right 1920s inspired new suit. From the early 20s slim jazz age suits to the wider Oxford bags at the end of the decade, these new 1920s style men's suits combine the modern fit with the styling of decades past. Slim fit suits, with 3 or 4 button-up, wide lapels, flat front trousers in bold patterns of ...


Victorian Steampunk Boots For Sale -

Your Steampunk costume is incomplete without a pair of neo-Victorian Steampunk boots or shoes. You can go straight Victorian with lace-up or button up granny boots or more punk with military-style combat boots. Both over the calf tall boots (wide calf boots too) and short ankle boots are in style right now and they make amazing Steampunk footwear.


1960s Men's Clothing, 70s Men's Fashion

Men's bell bottoms pants, 70s shirts and platform shoes grooved on and off the dance floor. Whatever part of the '60s or '70s attire you love there are still ways to dress in the style now. We browsed the web and linked to affordable 1960s inspired men's clothing and 70s mena€


Retro Vintage Swim Caps And Bathing Caps

No bathing beauty would be complete without colorful retro 1950s style vintage swim caps! Makes a cute accessory for a pinup competition as well as charming and a€


New Victorian Style Boots For Women - VintageDancer

Victorian boots for woman were the most common footwear for most of the mid to late 19th century.The tall boot button or lace-up boots provided good ankle support for Victorian women. Looking at original vintage women's boots I am shocked at how long and skinny their feet were.


1920s Mens Clothing - Vintage Inspired Clothing & Costumes

From the Great Gatsby to Downton Abbey to Peaky Blinders, 1920s men's fashion is making a comeback on and off screen. You can get the vintage twenties look with the right selection of modern clothing.A striped, plaid or linen 3 button suit, white collar dress shirt, necktie, two tone shoes and a felt or straw hat is all you need for an upper class gentlemen outfit.


Vintage Style Clothing & Costumes

For over 10 years has helped men and women dress up for a vintage themed event and learn fashion history as worn by everyday people.Shop! Click on any picture of clothing you like to be directed to the online retailer. Read! through the fashion history and outfit ideas blog for inspiration or ask us for help. Choose a decade to get started:


50 Vintage Inspired Clothing Brands, Stores, Shops Online

Over 50 vintage inspired clothing brands and retro clothing stores we love to shop at. I had the idea to create a master list of all the vintage inspired clothing brands and web stores I know about in hopes of helping you discover and buy an amazing retro vintage inspired clothing wardrobe.


Victorian Men's Clothing, Fashion - 1840 To 1900

A well-dressed Victorian man needs a quality suit, tie, shoes, hat and accessories to reenact the era. Whether for civil war, Dickens, or single action shooting reenactments consider this your go-to resource for Victorian men's clothing and fashion.. A basic Victorian men's outfit starts with high waist pants held up by suspenders in solid wool, plaid, or dark stripes.


Victorian Men's Suits, Frock Coats, Cutaway Coats

A Victorian gentlemen always wore a suit. For most of the Victorian era that meant a dress coat over his pants shirt and vest. Victorian coats came in many styles such as a frock coat, cutaway coat, morning coat, tailcoat (Tuxedo with tails), and sack suit.


New Victorian Steampunk Corsets And Belts

Brown Steampunk corsets are ideal for a Victorian wild west style costume while black steampunk corsets enhance the gothic style. Silk, satin, lace, leather or damask these corsets have been hand-selected from thousands of corsets for sale online for their Victorian meets Steampunk aesthetic. Many are available in plus sizes too.


Victorian Corsets - Old Fashioned Corsets & Patterns

The last option is to sew a Victorian corset yourself with the help of a good reproduction corset sewing pattern and an online class. These custom-made Victorian corsets, Victorian style corsets, old fashioned corsets, and corset sewing patterns are our favorite choices sold online. Find one that is right for your budget and style. Victorian ...


Victorian Kids Costumes & Shoes- Girls, Boys, Baby, Toddler

Victorian kids costumes are frequently needed for school projects, plays, fairs, festivals, tea parties and Civil War re-enactments. From white baby Christening gowns on up to extra small women's dresses for older girls and little suits for growing boys, the need is plentiful but the choices are limited.


40s Dress, Swing Dress - Vintage Inspired Clothing & Costumes

Dress in WWII era vintage inspired 1940s dresses then dance the night away swing dancing to the latest big bands. 1940s dresses are flattering with a modest top, a fitted waist, and a knee-length A-line skirt.The later '40s saw the skirt narrow into the pencil or wiggle shape for a bit more Va Va Voom. Patriotic colors (red, white, blue, army green) were the most common during wartime while ...


Victorian Era Clothing, Costumes & 1800s Fashion

Shop for Victorian era clothing and costumes. Victorian women's dresses, blouses, shoes, hats, and jewelry. Victorian men's suits, coats, hats and boots. Victorian fashion history articles.


1940s Zoot Suit History & Buy Modern Zoot Suits

A ZOOT SUIT (FOR MY SUNDAY GAL) Click to Listen (L. Wolfe Gilbert / Bob O'Brien) 1940s Zoot Suit History. The zoot suit was a style of dress that became popular during the late 1930s among young people, especially young African Americans and Mexican Americans, who were into a€


Zoot Suit, Gangster Suit, Pachuco Suits For Sale

Zoot Suit, Gangster Suit, Pachuco Suits for Sale Men in Zoot Suit fashion Popular with rebellious city youths in the 1940s the over-sized men's zoot suit is the preferred swing outfit for dancers today.

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