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Class Rings - College Confidential

The ring ceremony itself is kinda silly, imo, but was cool enough and as a UVa student you can never get too much of the tradition talk we love oh so much. But in the end it was all about getting the ring and being there with classmates and friends - at least for me.


Fafsa For Students With Parents On Disability - College ...

fafsa for students with parents on disability. koala11 1 replies 1 threads New Member. July 2005 edited July 2005 in Financial Aid & Scholarships. Hi I was wondering if anyone could give me some professional advise on my situation. My dad suffered a work accident about a year ago and had his leg injured. For a while our main source of income ...


Rowan Engineering Scholarships - Page 3 - College Confidential

Rowan Engineering Scholarships ... I don't know if D will ever get a better financial offer than Rowan. But there are are a few things she needs to think about. Rowan has grown a lot and she had hoped for a smaller college. Relationships are important to her. She needs to make sure the biomedical engineering program can provide the smaller ...


Best Cell Phone Coverage In Davis. - College Confidential

I was just wondering which Wireless Service Company (i.e. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.) has the best coverage in Davis. ... Best Cell Phone Coverage in Davis. djcha97 12 replies 3 threads New Member. ... Speaking of cellphone service, don't forget to apply for the UC Davis discount! (This may renew your contract so make sure you're going to ...


Does Ohio State Care About Legacy/minorities??? - College ...

Thread does ohio state care about legacy/minorities??? Title. Author. ... College Search - Ohio State University: Columbus Campus - OSU-Columbus - Admission Looks like Ohio State considers minority status. Doesn't specify about legacies, so OSU might not take that into account.


Any Legacy Consideration? - College Confidential

Any Legacy consideration? ddd928 276 replies 15 threads Junior Member. September 2010 edited September 2010 in Ohio State University. Do you think OSU gives any consideration to legacy? In our case, specifically, that dd is a successful soph (Medalist/Maximus scholarship winner, Dean's list 2/3 quarters frosh year, honors student). ...


Sibling Discount - College Confidential

Hello! I was just wondering if anyone knew if George Mason University offered a sibling discount? My older brother attends Mason, and I was wondering if my tuition rate might be discounted if ...


Sibling Discount - College Confidential

Does Villanova offer a sibling discount? Does Villanova offer a sibling discount? toggle menu Forums Community ... Home / College Admissions and Search / Colleges and Universities / Alphabetic List of Colleges / Villanova University. Upcoming changes to the way we log in on College Confidential. Read more here. Sibling Discount.


Sibling Discount? - College Confidential

If you have a sibling at UVa do you have a lower fee or its the same? ... Sibling discount? Samarthchaudhry 13 replies 8 threads New Member. March 2012 edited March 2012 in University of Virginia. If you have a sibling at UVa do you have a lower fee or its the same?


US News College Compass - College Confidential

Hey, can anyone with access to US News College Compass give me the rankings for the Ohio State undergrad business programs? It would be greatly appreciated, thanks . October 2011 edited November 2011. 4 replies. Post edited by rohitsat on November 2011. 0 ...


Is US News Grad Compass Worth A Buy? - College Confidential

I was searching for graduate school when I came across this US News Grad Compass. It costs $29.95. Is it worth a buy? Have you all tried it?


U.S. News "College Compass" - Worth The Money? - College ...

In general, if you want information about a college, you can find the statistical stuff by googling "name of college" then "common data set". Other information can be found on the college's web site. Some of the USNWR departmental rankings are not easily available in a single source -- ...


Texas Tech Honors College - College Confidential

Home / College Admissions and Search / Colleges and Universities / Alphabetic List of Colleges / Texas Tech University. Texas Tech Honors College. darthterrapin 51 replies 7 threads Junior Member. October 2014 in Texas Tech University. If anyone is currently enrolled; what are your thoughts/experiences with it ...


What Is Some VERY GOOD Tasting Alcohol ... - College ...

Girly (those fruity ones) alcohol is bad and insidious. If you want good tasting stuff, pick wine, but not the cheap kind. If you really want sweet stuff that's good, take ice wine, or better yet, ice cider (cidre de glace).No you won't find them at the thrift store, and, they aren't cheap either, but oh so good.


Bed Bath And Beyond College Savings Pass - College ...

I received a coupon from Bed Bath and Beyond the other day. On the side it mentions a free College Savings Pass. You need a ".edu" email address to sign up.


College Admissions - College Confidential

Insights and guidance from experts that will smooth the path during your college admissions journey. Test Prep Expert tips and advice to prepare you for college entrance exams.


Luggage - Page 5 - College Confidential

The "camp inn" one we got (very lightweight, which was the question of the OP) was purchased with an on-line coupon. Then it arrived with a manufacturing defect. So, we sent it back and got an ADDITIONAL discount of the replacement. So, I believe it cost about $37- no tax, no shipping.


Employee "tuition Benefit": I.e., Columbia Pays For NYU ...

Most top private schools give free tuition to sons and daughters of faculty members at that particular school (and in most cases, also more leniency on admissions standards for these children). Some schools also offer "portable" tuition discounts where they will pay all or at least a sizable portion of the tuition for these faculty children at ...


How Do Colleges Exactly "offer" You Money? - College ...

They decide how to award money based on your admissions (merit aid) and financial data (need based aid). Not all colleges award merit aid (ie. the Ivy's) but those that do generally determine the amount based on your HS gpa, test scores, class rank - there may be special scholarships that require another application and/or interview.


Financial Aid With "Wealthy" Parents - College Confidential

My question is, do colleges put aid for students over the income threshold under merit aid, My parents say that they simply repackage aid under merit, but that seems highly unlikely to me. <<< Your parents are very wrong. Schools that give merit (and many give no merit at all), only give merit for high test scores combined with a high GPA.


Dartmouth Class Of 2023 Early Decision Results - College ...

Moderators note Please do not post feedback to comments to decision results, they will be deleted. remove the a, close the gap in the bracket


CLEP Spanish - College Confidential

One of the great benefits of the CLEP foreign language exams is the possibility of earning 4 semesters worth of credit if your university grants credit based on Level 1 and Level 2 scores. Maybe this is what you are referring to when you said your university grants more credit... I would suggest trying some CLEP spanish practice tests.


Coupon For Delaware Book Exchange - College Confidential

August 2009 edited August 2009 in University of Delaware I just received a coupon for $10/$15 off of books at the Delaware Book Exchange. Your books will probably come to more than $150/$200, so if two people in your family make separate purchases, you can use more than one coupon.


How Can I Watch The Band During Halftime? - College ...

Since they never show the halftime shows on TV, is there a way to stream it or watch it somewhere on the internet? Of course, I want to support the football team, but I'm really in it for the band:) I'll be coming for parent's weekend but I would really like to see the band in action some other games.


PSAT/NMSQT Class Of 2019 - College Confidential

To all current juniors who are getting ready to take the PSAT/NMSQT Test this October 11! Didn't find a thread like this so I thought I'd start my own. toggle menu ... PSAT/NMSQT Class of 2019. ... you're well above the cut off for even the most competitive states nevertheless a 219.


EPGY At Stanford - College Confidential

EPGY at Stanford. Jane2 47 replies 18 threads Junior Member. ... I think it used to in 2000 when epgy enrolled maybe 40 students their first summer. the fact that you were the first 40 students gave a slight, very very slight edge to admission in my opinion. i attended epgy before, and most of my counselors were not just students, but also ...


Please Help! Need Undergrad TOEFL Code For Northeastern ...

Actually I tried that code, but it said that there is no university with such code, then I looked more closely to the Toefl site and its seems that Northeaster''s particular colleges, like business school for example, accept different codes, because after I filled in the code (3671), automat asked me whether I was undergraduate or graduate.


Sylvan SAT PREp Course Any Good?? - College Confidential

I took the SAt''s in march again and I did worse, yes worse on every section, sucky I know. I think I am going to take the SAT''s again in June and hopefully get in 1300''s but if I dont I was thinking of doing a Sylvan SAT Prep Course over the summer. Has anyone had ...


Kaplan SAT Prep Course? Reviews And What Else To Do To ...

Do you think the Kaplan course will get me to that level (with appropriate studying of course)? I''m pretty qualified in every other aspect when it comes to my resume, but my SAT score is my one weak point, mainly because I''m 15 and am skipping my junior year of high school.


Meal Plan/Food - College Confidential

I''m trying to decide whether I should buy the 14-meal plan or the 8-meal plan (those are my two options as a transfer student). It seems like it won''t make that much of a difference if I don''t spend too much money on extra food (around 7 to 8 dollars per meal not covered by the meal plan might be fine), but I think everything will really depend on the average price of a meal outside of school.


UCLA Computer Store Prices - College Confidential

Do the UCLA Computer Store Prices change for different times of the year? I was wondering about this because I wanted to purchase a Macbook Pro for college. A few months ago (2-3 months) the store offered a previous generation of Macbook Pro''s for $1500. Now, however, only the current generation Macbook Pros are offered for about $1700 or $1800.


Your Opinions On The Collegeboard SAT Book? - College ...

Your opinions on the Collegeboard SAT book? KenMasters 1 replies 3 threads New Member. January 2012 edited January 2012 in SAT Preparation. ... but don''t expect to learn good strategies from the college board. if everyone knew how to get 2400s then college board would have no credibility.


Whats A Normal Credit Hours For A Freshman? - College ...

Pretty much all of the classes here are 4 credits (except accelerated languages, gym, perhaps art or music, etc.), and it''s normal to take 4 a semester; if you''re taking a gym class plus 4 classes though, that would up it to 18 credits a semester, though as far as I know, the gum classes don''t have any homework, exams, etc., and don''t meet as often as academic classes, so I don''t think taking ...


What Does Credit Hours Mean? - College Confidential

The use of "hours" in credit hours is totally archaic. I had a lab that was worth 2 credit hours (quarter credit hours, to confuse the issue further), yet met for 5 hours a week. And, in case you''re curious, it also didn''t follow the formula for how many hours of homework/out of class time I spent on it.


Forbes 2017 Rankings - College Confidential

Forbes 2017 Rankings. ... TCNJ is regarded as one of the three best schools in the state and is currently the #2 NJ college on Forbes'' ranking. Stevens might be a STEM school with the apparent potential for higher salaries (last I checked, it was pretty high up on PayScale), but TCNJ is better regarded (particularly in regard to its peers ...


Pensacola Christian College Review - College Confidential

Pensacola Christian College review. ... anywhere else for church, they are required to attend campus church. Which some days I can understand, churches in the Pensacola area would be flooded with students if we could go anywhere, but I would like the option to choose my own church. ... It is a school that is for a few students who wish to live ...


Pensacola Christian College Article--scary - College ...

Pensacola Christian College is "an idea that came from God," according to its Web site. The college was founded in 1974 by Arlin Horton, who remains its president. It is Baptist but is not affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention or any similar organization. Both Mr. Horton and his wife, Rebekah, are graduates of Bob Jones University.


What Is The Best Debate Camp? - College Confidential

What is the best debate camp? HomerSimpson 114 replies 93 threads Junior Member. June 2006 edited March 2013 in Summer Programs. Which debate camp is the best? I am going to Umich Classic, is that good? June 2006 edited March 2013. 22 replies.


NYU Spring Transfer 2020 - College Confidential

Hi! I am interested in applying as a spring 2020 transfer. I am curious if you can help me figure out my chances of being accepted into NYU. I''m hoping to transfer into the NYU Tandon Business and Technology Management program.


Seriously How Hard Is It To Get An A In AP Chemistry ...

Seriously How Hard is it to Get an A in AP Chemistry? Like this last quarter of Honors Chemistry I had a 97.3% A but I''m picturing AP Chemistry to be hell compared to Honors. I can''t decide, I want to take both since I love both Subjects, but I can''t this year and AP Biology seems more of a safer bet to get an A in than AP Chem right?


Reviews Of Online AP Chemistry Providers - College ...

Reviews of online AP Chemistry providers. ... tli83: I didn''t realize that what VHS offered was the same material as the AP Chem curriculum. Perhaps they didn''t get college board accreditation. I''m wondering if that combined with a local lab instructor could be a good combination.


Brown University Class Of 2021 ED Applicants Discussion ...

Hey guys, Since fall is going to be here before we know it, I thought that I should put up a discussion thread for ED applicants of the Brown U class of 2021.


What Is CaptainU - College Confidential

@annamom, no there is nothing to worry about - colleges are not going to expect any documentation of a kid''s sports activities unless they are a recruited athlete or their sports achievement is something similarly noteworthy, and the colleges will not check CaptainU to see if she''s in their database. The messages you are getting are probably just saying that your daughter was found in a search ...


Does Lenovo Offer Deals For Students? - College Confidential

I am going to college in the fall and have decided to get a Lenovo Thinkpad. I am going to college in the fall and have decided to get a Lenovo Thinkpad. ... Does Lenovo offer deals for students? ... So basically does anyone know if Lenovo does offer student discounts?


Baseball Recruiting - So Many Questions - College Confidential

What made sense to us was to target D3 s and high end academic schools. Research lead us to the Headfirst Honor Roll camps and to the Stanford Summer Camp. He went to both after his soph year. I like to call Headfirst the KING of D3 camps. The Stanford Camp offered a higher quality of baseball school and better players.


Mac Discount - College Confidential

I remember seeing a greater discount than the education discount for northwestern... The page that the apple store guides you to is confusing but i seem to remember logging in at the preferred vendors link and getting an additional five or six percent discount.


When Do Colleges Rescind Acceptances ... - College ...

When Do Colleges Rescind Acceptances? Sally_Rubenstone 3062 replies 1114 threads CC Admissions Expert Senior Member. April 2010 edited July 2013 in Ask The Dean Topics. Question: Under what conditions would a college take back an acceptance?This question is an oldie but goodie. "The Dean" has answered various versions of it many times ...


CSULB Admission Offer Rescinded - College Confidential

I am a transfer student and was offered conditional acceptance to CSULB for the fall of 2018. Today I got an email saying that my offer was "rescinded" because they "find that we were unable to confirm what you reported, and consequently, your offer of admission has been withdrawn".


Promotions At The Big 4 - College Confidential

How do promotions work at the Big 4? How long does it take to get promoted to each level? Is it just based on seniority? Is it true that Big 4 firms have a fixed number of promotions to give out at each office, regardless of ability?


UCF Application Questions/chances - College Confidential

Hey guys! Okay, I'm new to this site, but I wanted to ask a few questions about the University of Central Florida application process. So, I started and finished my application along with my personal statements.

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