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OFFER ¢ Diamondback Cover / Bedrug : Exterior

I want to cover the bedrug asap, and I think the diamondback cover would pair nicely with the Bedrug. I like the concept of the classic bedrug, but I don't like how you have to cut the brand new liner for the tiedowns, lights, and power outlet. I feel like these should be precut and have a stitched grommet around them to prevent them from tearing.

OFFER ¢ Best Shocks/struts : Suspension

I have a 2013 crew can z71 with aftermarket 20s and 295/55/20 trail grapplers. I only have a leveling kit and would like to upgrade the shocks/struts to something that rides a lot better on and off road.

OFFER ¢ BedRug Promo Code 10%+ Savings ...

Here at RDP Store we don't bump just to bump the thread. WE on a daily basis upload new products everyday. So many new products to advertise individually we just can keep up. So don't for get to check us out, there is always something new at RDP Store and always a promo code to help you forum members to save big.

OFFER ¢ Amsoil Discount : Uncategorized ...

Amsoil discount. Jun 21 2012, 1:42pm. I purchased a trial preferred customer Amsoil account for the discount. Does anyone know if the discount appears in the cart at check out, I placed a couple items in my cart and the price did not change. Amsoil discount.


Enjoy Up To 50% OFF At CARiD: Black Friday Sale

Brace yourself and prepare your wallet - Black Friday at is on! A huge number of sales offers available online can make your head spin but we've gathered the best custom, factory, and replacement accessories for your vehicle in one place to make your shopping easier! Today you have a great chance to SAVE UP TO 50% OFF!

OFFER ¢ Oxygen Sensor Problems - 02 ...

I swapped the downstream sensors and the code went to the other side. Hooked a scan tool up and the new sensor is showing a voltage of between .44v and .48v while the other o2 sensor is between 0 and .8v. Swapping the sensors around tells me that the wiring is good on both sides, but I'm just having problems with the sensor.

OFFER ¢ 2019 Black Friday Tire & Wheel Deals ...

Black Friday has been extended through CYBER MONDAY! We never tire of a GREAT deal so don't miss out on 10% rebate on total purchase price on any set of 4 tires or 4 wheels. PLUS, receive a 5% rebate on total purchase price with Discount Tire credit!

OFF ¢ 50% Off 227 Pc Kobalt Tool Set At ...

Re: 50% off 227 pc Kobalt tool set at Lowe''s Jan 20 2018, 1:32pm picked this up last night at first opening I can say the my impression is kinda meh there are a few sizes missing and the kobalt 90tooth ratchets are bigger than any other ratchets in my box and honestly feel a little chunky.

OFFER ¢ Hesitation An Backfire Under ...

When I ran it yesterday I did get the sulfur smell from my exhaust also after I started it up and let it run for about 5 minutes I got a blinking check engine light, haven''t drove it since I got the light, I think my fuel pump maybe faulty with the pressure that low, so gonna remove pump, return it for a different brand, as well as replace cats this weekend I''ll post results

OFFER ¢ Jerking Durring Acceleration ...

Alright I''m going to do the best I can to try and describe what is going on. I have a 2005 GMC Sierra with the 5.3L H.O. 139K. The truck starts and idles without an issue.

OFFER ¢ Rusted Rocker Panels : Exterior - Page 3

Rotten rocker panels is one of the most common problems we repair in the Body Shop I work at. Most body shops will cut out the old and replace with new replacement panels. Ive done quite a few and they are a pain in the @$$ and are very time consuming. even more so if its an extended cab. 03 and newer GM pickups got a redesigned rocker panel ...

OFFER ¢ Any Good Value Rims Out There That ...

Awesome option ... but I think these are a lot closer to the MB TKO wheels for me and those are $175 each. Thank you so much for the option. Re: Any good value rims out there that compares to XD or Fue. Jun 19 2013, 10:24am. I second sdwheelcorp. I''ve purchased two sets of wheels from him. Great price with great service.

OFFER ¢ Official Ducks Unlimited Sierra ...

Wow, they dropped some mods into that bad boy. Kinda doubt its a raffle prize. That color--- jaw dropping awesome,,,,


How To Wire Spyder Halo/LED Headlights -

Spyder black projector headlights with CCFL halos on a nnbs (07-13) silverado hook up like so. RED wire from CCFL halos and WHITE wire from DRL/LED strip connect to the BROWN wire. Then the BLACK (ground) all go together. Simple. simple. simple. I was overthinking it way to much, trying to mess with the trucks portion of the wiring harness ...

OFFER ¢ Kooks Headers And Exhaust Deals ...

Kooks Headers and Exhaust Deals. Mar 03 2019, 5:01pm. Kooks Headers & Exhaust Special this Weekend use Promo Code of kok12d Re: Kooks Headers and Exhaust Deals. Mar 13 2019, 7:59pm. Great Time of the Year to get the Mods started

OFF A€C 2015 GM Card Top Off Earnings ...

Does anyone know if GM changes the rules for their yearly topoff program? I have an HSBC GM Mastercard that I have had since 2004. I have gotten top off earnings every year. I have used them twice, including $3000 last year on a Silverado. My question is, why did I not receive top off earnings this year? I called and my balance is 0.


Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit Code -

C0050 - Rear wheel speed sensor circuit code. Mar 28 2017, 2:02am. I replaced the sensor. ... C0050 is a circuit code, not a performance code, which means there is a problem with the wiring not the signal. No need to clear codes, the ABS self tests every key ON and if there are no faults the light will go out. The only thing you can clear with ...

OFFER A€C What Did You Pay For Your Spray-on ...

NEW PRODUCT PROMO: For only $99, you can upgrade to black LINE-X Premium! Premium won't fade or lose its gloss and it's easier to clean. This is a GREAT deal! OR 3. Non-fading LINE-X Xtra bedliner color matched to your truck's paint, add $250 (except for white and yellow, add $350). Call us if you have a "pearlcoat" paint.

OFFER A€C Estimated Cost Of Line-X? : Exterior

LINE-X dealers are franchises and set their own prices. Many LINE-X dealers are offering a special price as a promo for LINE-X Premium which is a new product. Premium won't fade....ever. Premium only comes in black right now. All color matches still utilize LINE-X Xtra which won't fade any faster than your truck's paint.

OFF A€C Husky Liners Promo Code 25%+ Savings ...

Right now thru July 20th Husky liners is offering a 10% discount off retail pricing. Which is good and all but still no where near close to RDP Stores 25% discount off all Husky products. But from now till the July 20th date RDP Store is going to raise the savings bar higher with 30% savings on all Husky a€

OFFER A€C Cyber Monday Sale At CARiD - Crazy ...

Whether you've missed the Black Friday sale or skipped it on purpose to buy everything from your couch in the biggest online shopping day of the year - CARiD will not let you down! Cyber Monday at CARiD is officially on and if you missed some of our deals during Black Friday weekend, this is your lucky chance!

OFF A€C DDM Tuning Promo Code?? : Exterior

I've made the decision to order my switchback bulbs from DDM Tuning! Anybody have a promo code or anything for a discount with them?? Figured it's worth a shot!! Re: DDM Tuning promo code?? Feb 12 2014, 5:53am. I got an email some days ago stating their LEDs were like 10% off ? Not exactly sure but it will take like 2-3 weeks to get anything ...

OFFER A€C True Dual Exhaust Kits : Exhaust

true dual exhaust kits. Chevy Truck Forum | Silverado Sierra GMC Truck Forums. true dual exhaust kits. Apr 26 2016, 11:35pm. im looking for a true dual exhaust kit not a y pipe and i almost cant find anything what i want is 1 single pipes off of each header and maby a H pipe to help with the hp

OFFER A€C My Clazzio Seat Cover Review : Interior

2. The center seat cover and arm rest cover is not up to the quality of the seat covers The installation, at least for me was, to say the least, challenging. My fingers and hands are still sore. I received my covers on Friday, and Friday night I thought I'd get a head start and do the head restraints while watching TV.

OFFER A€C Carhartt Seat Covers? : Interior

New Seat Covers In "HOSS" The covers layed down after a week or so and look smooth and very form fitted now. You mentioned ease of keeping them clean. That's one of the nicest features with these. You can wipe them down with a hot wet towel and they look great again. I also used that can of carpet shampoo you can get at your local auto part store.

OFFER A€C Firefighter Call Out! : Exterior ...

I am not a firefighter but the previous owner of my truck was. The strobes are set up in the high beam and for the rear it has two vertical light bars I'll post a video later tonight. Re: Firefighter call out! Nov 16 2014, 3:04am. I haven't used lights as a firefighter in a while, but i'm a fire marshal and have lights on my truck because we ...

OFFER A€C Firefighter Call Out! : Exterior

I dont have a great picture of my lights but heres one that shows some of them. I have red/white Whelen Ion's in the grill, headlight flashers, Strobes-n-more surface mount lights near the fog lights, Whelen Liberty lightbar, Whelen Vertex's in the backup lights, and Whelen Lin3's on a license plate bracket.

OFFER A€C GM Military Discount : Deals Online

The GM Military Discount allows eligible members of the U.S. Military to purchase or lease eligible vehicles at a special discounted price that is below MSRP. Plus, you can combine the discount with most current offers to save even more. When you build a vehicle to your exact specifications on this site, you can view MSRP and the GM Military ...

OFFER A€C Wet Okole Seat Covers : Interior

I have Wet Okole's in my Jeep Liberty and considering them for my new Silverado. Those are real durable, great seat covers. The camo version of yours looks pretty good!

OFFER A€C Shout Out To Discount Tire! : Wheels ...

I bought my MB TKO's from my local Discount Tire and lost a center cap while driving one day. Called them and they ordered a new one for me at no cost. I'm also my 3rd set of tires that have been purchased from them, for 3 different vehicles. No complaints. As with many purchases, just do your research and have a general idea of what you want ...

OFFER A€C MB TKO Wheels : Wheels/Tires

MB TKO Wheels. Dec 13 2012, 4:13am. Hey everybody, in a wheel dilemma here. After cancelling my XD Monster's I found these wheels which look somewhat similar and are quite cheaper. ... After further looking into these I'm not to sure about the quality (many used from Discount Tire Directs eBay site with weird stains and whatnot on the clearcoat ...

OFFER A€C Tire Size Calculator : Wheels/Tires

Hi this is for the Sticky Tire Size Calculator Post. If you go to Tire Size Calculator instead of the chart that is talked about and use the calculator on the left side by inputting a tire size in metric or inches. Then in the middle it populates the same list of sizes that are "close" mentioned in the Sticky Post.

OFFER A€C How To Choose & Buy A Lift Kit ...

A suspension lift is truly the way to go in order to get that tire and wheel size you prefer, but you may have to sacrifice the overall comfort of the ride. I don't think I am going overboard when I say that the Chevy/GMC line of C/K 1500 trucks ride like a caddy from stock.

OFFER A€C Reset Reverse Parking Sensor ...

Silicone insulator surrounding sensor maybe missing, cut, or twisted. Replace sensor insulator ring if damaged. One or more of the sensors may be scratched, the paint maybe chipped or excessive paint on sensor that is greater than 6 mils thickness. Replace sensor. Refer to Rear Parking Assist Alarm Sensor Replacement procedure.

OFFER A€C 3 Years Free Onstar Basic 2011 ...

If you would like to experience more of what OnStar has to offer, an OnStar Advisor will help you choose one of our paid service plans that best meets your needs. Re: 3 Years Free Onstar Basic 2011+ Dec 17 2018, 10:39pm

OFFER A€C 3 Years Free Onstar Basic 2011 ...

I received an e-mail from Chevy/OnStar with an offer for 3 years of free OnStar "Basic" which is really just the ability to use the OnStar RemoteLink app. The offer only applies to 2011+ and newer vehicles. The offer is only good through 12/31/15. It doesn't include the "emergency services" or voice calling features available in the paid plans.

OFFER A€C MBRP, Caused P0171 & P0174 With Tune ...

Hey guys, I got a 2011 Silverado with a 4.8 with a K&N CAI and a intune. I had the installed the tune before I did the exhaust system. After doing the exhaust system I get P0171 and a P0174. I cleared the code. Came back. I am thinking its the fuel mapping. I am a€


Ordered MBRP Exhaust - Discount Code! -

I was surprised to find that the MBRP Exhaust Store is offering a discount code for 15% off of the product. Picked up the S5036AL and saved over $50 with a discount code after entering with my email. I don't know what the policy is on posting exact prices, websites, or discount codes so PM me if you are in need of the code. Can't wait to put it on!

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