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XM Radio -- How To Get The Discount | Honda Ridgeline ...

XM Radio -- How to get the discount. Jump to Latest Follow ... Also, we bought a second Honda, with XM, at the same time and they would NOT, no matter what, give us the same $77 deal on it. ... I do have XM Radio in the form of the Roady 2 and play it through the FM transmitter. I also have an XM radio unit that connects to a XM ready vehicle ...


When To Change Timing Belt? | Honda Ridgeline Owners Club ...

We looked at the owners manual and found the paragraph on the timing belt. Honda suggests a change at 60,000 when: You tow When you drive in temps above 110...


G2 Ridgeline And QuickJack BL-7000SLX | Honda Ridgeline ...

Recently did the B1 Maintenance (Oil Change/Tire Rotation) on my G2 Ridgeline at 18,500 miles using the QuickJack BL-7000SLX 12VDC version. I purchased the 7000SLX because it has the most capacity (in case I were to get a heavier truck down the road) and because it is the largest one they have that would fit under my S2000 also.


Michelin XLT Defender M/S =Costco Michelin X LT A/S ...

So, I wondered what the difference was between the two other tha $20 more for the Defender, after studying the two at my local Costco (they appear identical other than the marking and price) I called Michelin Customer Service (866-866-6605) and was told Michelin XLT Defender M/S =Costco Michelin X LT A/S


TPMS Rebuild Kits | What You Need To Know | Honda ...

We recommend a new rebuild kit anytime the sensor is removed from the wheel and when signs of wear or corrosion are present. What does a TPMS rebuild kit cost? Prices range anywhere from $3.00 to $14.00 depending on the manufacturer and type of sensor. TPMS rebuild kits are sold per sensor (4 sensors would need 4 rebuild kits).


2020 Release Date? | Page 123 | Honda Ridgeline Owners ...

Honda doesn''t call it v1 and v2, or first or second generation, but the way you can tell if you have Honda''s second and improved Honda sensing system is if it has ACC with low-speed follow. I believe 2019 Civic and Accord got it first, not sure what else has it now, wouldn''t be surprising if the 2019 Ridgeline is the last with gen 1 sensing.


New Tires And Wheels | Honda Ridgeline Owners Club Forums

The wheels are 17" Raceline Shift and the tires are Nitto Terra Grappler G2 265/65 17. Tires are 1" taller than stock which means a full inch of extra sidewall. They weigh 5 pounds more than stock (38 lbs vs 33 lbs). It seems like it takes more effort for the truck to get moving with the larger tires. ... Discount Tire A Vendor. Joined May ...


Wet Okole Seat Covers G2 | Honda Ridgeline Owners Club Forums

Just installed Wet Okole covers on my front seats and WOW! These things fit perfect and feel way better that the OEM fabric. I think I'm going to really appreciate the extra 1/2 foam padding that it a€


10% Discount On Your Purchases At Lowe's | Honda Ridgeline ...

If you are in need of more than one coupon, you may need to visit several post offices in your area. The newest batch of change of address forms arrive at post offices after Sept 1st and expire February 15th 2010. Each Lowes coupon saves you 10% on your entire purchase up to $5000 at most home improvement stores. ... www.thingfling.com www ...


Leer Cap Ordered, Price? | Honda Ridgeline Owners Club Forums

Leer dealer called me back this morning. Turns out they made a mistake. The 100xl which is the middle of the road model I wanted is not made for the Honda. Only the 100xq leer's premium cap is made for the Honda. That jumps the price from $1300 to a€


LEER Topper With Tonneau Cover | Honda Ridgeline Owners ...

Can you put a LEER topper on and keep the tonneau cover? I would like to roll the soft tonneau up and leave it snapped in case I ever take the LEER off and want the bed covered. Radco told me I have to remove the tonneau cover to install the LEER. If this is correct, I a€

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