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Vandals Strike 6 Hybrid Cars | PriusChat News [FONT=Arial, Helvetica] [FONT=verdana,Arial, Helvetica] Article published - Apr 13, 2008 PETALUMA Vandals strike 6 hybrid cars By MARY CALLAHAN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT A vandalism report involving a Toyota Prius parked overnight on the west side of Petaluma highlights a disturbing trend, police said Saturday.


CARB Is Out Of $, For Now (March 28, 2014) | PriusChat

CNCDA just received word that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) will suspend rebates of up to $2,500 under the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program TODAY. Buyers of these vehicles who complete applications will be added to a waiting list for $5 million in additional funding. Eligibility for federal rebates are not affected by this announcement.


Is Toyota's 0% Finance On Prius Prime, Actually 0% ...

My friend is REALLY interested in buying a Prius Prime but he wants to finance because he saw the 0% being offered by Toyota Question is, is this just a bate and switch or do most Toyota dealerships actually honor this? He has excellent credit. FICO score over 800 or are they going to bring up a random reason at the end to say they can't offer 0%.


Replace OEM 12V Battery With Group 25 AGM | PriusChat

Replace OEM 12V battery with Group 25 AGM. ... Group 25 AGM battery - The one I got is Rural King RK-AGM25 (Exide rebrand) Just as a FYI, the $20 rebate on the Rural King batteries ends today. Both the Group 25 battery and the JIS battery are included.


Tire Trade-Ins: Best Deal? | PriusChat

Tire Trade-Ins: Best Deal? ... One dealer offered me $20/tire trade-in credit and said that was the most they could offer on ANY tire. Another Discount Tire offered me $50/tire trade-in credit. Guess which dealer I picked??? Anyone else have good/bad trade-in stories with Prius tires?


Which 12v Battery Is The Best? | PriusChat

If I ever decide to sell the car, the buyer could provide an OEM battery and I would keep the Odyssey. So this is why building my adapter from common parts found at Lowes worked so well: No doubt it could be improved: rotate the battery 90 degrees towards the rear - this will raise the height so the 12V terminal has a larger air gap.


Any Chance Of 0% APR? | PriusChat

0% APR on 2012 Prius 0% APR for 36 months 1.9% APR for 60 months Offer Ends 9/4/2012 Offers available only to qualified buyers through Toyota Financial Services. 36 monthly payments of $27.78 per $1,000 borrowed for 0% APR, 60 monthly payments of $17.48 per $1,000 borrowed for 1.9% APR. No down payment required if qualified.


Prius Prime - Official Prices Paid Thread | Page 174 ...

The Triathlon offer is available. however, the terms in the form (See attached) clearly state that your current USAT membership end date cannot be beyond 31 Oct 2020.Now, USAT membership is for 1 year.; Which means you had to be a USAT member by 31 Oct 2019.


Tires For Touring: Falken SN-828 Any Good? | PriusChat

He also spoke favorably about the Falken ziex ze-912 which my local Sears sells for 128.99 but has a buy three get one free special which puts the cost per tire at 96.74. Shipping from discount tire is 37.24 ups ground plus 86 per tire which brings the cost per tire from to 95.31.


Over-torqued Lug Nuts | PriusChat

Also, I believe that overtorqued lug nuts are not the end of the world since lug nuts are usually not too sensitive to being over torqued, yes I know that the lug nuts have specific torque specs, but lug on some cars, they are suppose to be torqued to 90 ft-lbs. I'd say not to worry, readjust them and you will be good to go.


Are You The First To Get The Official $4500 CARS Incentive ...

see quote...Good question! Any Toyota dealers have input on this? Will this work? IF I pay someone with a $500 clunker to buy a prius with it,...


Sirius 6-month Trial - Renewal | PriusChat

I just renewed my Sirius subscription again for 6 months - $25+tx/fees - ~$32.35 total. This is my 3rd 6-month "trial". Back in Aug 2014 when I last renewed the Customer Rep. made me listen to three different offers (all of which I declined), before, at the end, she finally offered a repeat of the 6-month subscription for $25.


Tires...TPMS...Do The Tire Sensors Have To Be "rebuilt" Or ...

Has anybody else here heard of "rebuilding" or "cleaning" the TPMS sensors when getting their tires replaced? Just wondering how reputable Discount Tire is or how reputable "this" Discount Tire manager is? I called a local Toyota dealer and they said it didn''t need to be done. Has anybody else heard of this and wondering what your experiences are?


Primewell Valera Touring Vs Bridgstone Ecopia Vs Michelin ...

I bought my car used and it came with Primewell Valera tires. These tires sell for about $50.00 ea so they are on the cheaper end of tires. Does anyone have a good idea on how these compare to the Bridgstone Ecopia''s or the Michelin Energy Saver''s? I can still manage 52-53 mpg''s on these tires. One thing for sure is that they are really noisey.


SylvanSport Go Camper Trailer | PriusChat

It folds out to a queen bed (so go to a king), it has stand up dressing area also. It folds very compact and the Prius or Wing do not really know it is behind. There are a lot of mfgs of these units and even some used for sale from time to time. Personally I think the Sylvan Sport is way to heavy for what it is.


Tires - Yokohama YK520? | PriusChat

Tire Details - Discount Tire Direct Tire Details - Discount Tire Direct Tire Details - Discount Tire Direct The YK520 is a performance tire that seems somewhat out of place on a Prius, but in SoCal you may not worry about wet handling or snow.


Michelin Defender Vs. Continental TrueContact - Recent ...

Michelin Defender vs. Continental TrueContact - recent experiences? ... It''s true you will get 7 to 10 mpg hit with truecontact compared with the stock Yokohama tires. But the mpg difference will be narrowed as time goes by. ... about 2-3 MPG. I do run the tires at a high PSI so maybe that is why we taking less of a hit than other Prius owners ...


Which Roof Rack To Buy? | PriusChat

FYI: We bought our roof rack and a cargo box. We opted for a Yakima rack on sale at REI. The primary reason we went with Yakimas is that the company reportedly revised their racks for better fit on each Gen of Priuses, with clear, specific directions in applying their added adjustments.


Prius Battery Replacement Kit (GenII/GenIII) With NEW ...

This battery is a very exciting new choice for an older Toyota Prius needing a Hybrid Battery pack replacement. Alas, the cheaper, rebuilt batteries are having a high number of reported failures. The genuine Toyota battery used to be the only and very expensive solution, but the price has come down dramatically.


12V Battery + Lojack = Problem | PriusChat

When I bought my 2006 Prius from the dealer, they would only sell the car with lojack installed (which of course they charged me an extra $750). It turns out lojack drains the battery and if the lojack internal battery is not replaced, the drain on the Prius 12V aux battery is higher.


Costco Michelin X-Tour Vs Michelin Defender T+H | PriusChat

I got confirmation from Michelin that the Costco X-Tour A/S is the same tire as Defender T+H, with maybe slight differences in tread pattern that do not change the performance or tread wear. They are specifically manufactured in bulk quantities for Costco/Sam''s Club to distribute at wholesale prices to their members.


Wet Okole Seat Covers | PriusChat

Really sharp. Its like putting a wet suit on your front seats. It only took me about 30 minutes, start to finish. The only detail, usually not mentioned, is unclipping the factory installed seat covers under the front seat to allow for the Wet Okole''s to pass between the bottom and top sections to hold them in place.


Wet Okole Seat Covers | Page 2 | PriusChat

Does Wet Okole offer a cover for the center console or the armrests on the doors? In the picture of Breezy''s seat covers I see a cover on the center console that looks the same as the black on the seat cover. Breezy, was this from Wet Okole or where did you get that cover? Thanks, Patrick


2007 Torklift Ecohitch Install | PriusChat

I just put the Torklift Ecohitch with the 2" receiver on my 2007 Touring and tried my best to document it. It''s a nice product, very well designed and made and comes with good instructions. However, there''s no way to see them prior to purchase and the Torklift Install video doesn''t show much detail. So I took some pictures and captured most of it.


Toyota Rebate? | PriusChat

New Car Deals | Local Toyota Deals, Incentives & Special Offers Vehicle manufactures and dealers tend to have the best incentives toward the very end of the year and later into a given quarter. Toyota is no exception. Current Toyota incentives suggest that the Prime will sell more than 3000 units/month for the first time in November and/or ...


LA DWP Rate Options For EV Owners | PriusChat

Total cost for the electrical install (60ft of line for the 204v level 2 Schneider Electric Level 2 charger ($730 at Home Depot with a 10% discount card) is approx $1800 (so I am using most of the available LADWP EV Charge up LA $2k rebate.


Donut Size Spare For Prius Prime | PriusChat

Will the spare tire from my Prius V Donut Yokohama factory-issued spare, that came with the car fit the Prius prime. Tires on both the Prius are P195/65R15. This donut size for the V is T135-80-D16 101M. The Prime does not give a donut size equivalent and Toyota has no part for it.


Donut Tire - What/Where To Buy For Two/four? | PriusChat

I looked under my cargo space and it looks like there is room for a tire there, it just isn''t there. I wouldn''t want to lose cargo space so my plan would be to put a donut spare there if it is possible. I am going to the dealer in a couple days any way so I''ll ask and verify that a donut spare would fit there.


GM To End Its Employee-Discount Incentive | Page 3 | PriusChat

GM to End Its Employee-Discount Incentive. Discussion in ''Prius, Hybrid, EV and Alt-Fuel News'' started by ... bad left rear axle seal, and severely lopey idle within the first two weeks are NOT a good sign. If you think Ia€m a€harpinga€ about that, tough, ita€s the truth. ... born and raised in Detroit, retired Army, and ...


Husky Weatherbeater Mats-pics | PriusChat

I have a dark gray interior and ordered the gray Husky. I had never seen the Weather Tech or Husky mats in person before this purchase, so I took a risk in buying the lower-cost Husky. I like it so far. I''m not sure how the Weather Tech mats fit, but to me, the Husky is not an "exact" fit as your great pics show, but very close.


Costco Tire "Fee" Is This Legit? | PriusChat

Costco Tire "Fee" is this legit? Discussion in 'Fred's House of Pancakes' started by Stevewoods ... This fee is for a TPMS service pack that is required to maintain the integrity of the Tire Pressure Sensor located inside each of your wheels. ... but have yet to bring in a car with TPMS sensors I posted a question on this subject here, a while ...


Clazzio Leather Seat Cover Group Buy Until September 11 ...

We've been offered a great opportunity to help PriusChatters jazz up their existing Prius c at a great discount. From now until Friday, September 11th, you can get $100 off the MSRP of Clazzio leather seats covers.These seat covers are easy to install and amazing quality.


Port Authority Green Pass Program | PriusChat

"The Port Authority Green Pass is an E-Z Pass that may be used at any crossing or road that accepts E-Z Pass as a form of toll payment. However, unlike the white "regular" E-Z Pass tag, Port Authority Green Pass users pay only $4 when they use their tag at Port Authority a€


LoJack Vs PIP Built In Tracking | PriusChat

All insurance companies will give you the same discount for the tracking device, LoJack was the standard and only thing available for the longest time, so you see it listed more. I just had to send in proof it was active, meaning the subscription and got the small discount.


Who Has Personally, Actually Received Revised OCI Notice ...

Received mine today, but no mention of a free oil change, although I still have a coupon for one from my dealer for attending a "Customer Appreciation"...


2016 Toyota Prius 50 Clazzio Leather Seat Covers | PriusChat

2016 Toyota Prius 50 Clazzio Leather Seat covers These are very easy to install. Just like installing seat covers. These are custom ones. Black...


Clazzio Leather Seat Cover Group Buy Until September 11 ...

We've been offered a great opportunity to help PriusChatters jazz up their existing Prius at a great discount. From now until Friday, September 11th, you can get $100 off the MSRP of Clazzio leather seats covers.These seat covers are easy to install and amazing quality.


Duracell 12v "Prius" Battery | Page 3 | PriusChat

The polar opposite of seamless warranty protection. How is the hapless owner of a Duracell auto battery in need of warranty replacement even going to get home from the BatteriesPlus store? When I read this to him, he apologizes, claiming he didn't know a€


Insurance Discount For Hybrids? | PriusChat

I just got my car this week and bought insurance last week. I checked with Farmers Insurance, and also with Travellers Insurance Travellers Hybrid Discount that both offer hybrid discounts. However, State Farm was still a bit lower without any such discount.


Anyone Use Costco "discount" For Prius? | PriusChat

A local dealer here in N CA has quoted me $750 off MSRP (on an '06) for their Costco tie-in. Anyone use the Costco deal? How much off? I know some dealers have a€


12v Battery Recommendations | PriusChat

12v battery recommendations. ... The dealer gave a discount for the extras I had done on that same visit. #4 srellim234, Oct 17, 2017. ... that high cranking amp rating is actually detrimental to battery quality in a Prius battery, it compromises other factors, ...


COSTO Or AAA Discounts - Worth It? | PriusChat

COSTO or AAA discounts - worth it? Discussion in 'Gen 3 Prius Main Forum' started by scoobywu, Sep 7, ... I did use them for an Acura a few years ago and paid $500 over invoice which was a big amount off of MSRP. ... Costco, AAA, all these discount places act as sales agents for the car dealerships. And they get paid for their services.


Bosch 12v Battery | Page 2 | PriusChat

I purchased the Bosch battery from Pep Boys for my 2010 Gen III. Under $150 with coupon (after returning the old battery). Unfortunately, the new battery did not come with a vent elbow. And, the existing vent elbow was too big to fit the battery.


Sams Club Or Costco And Comparing Michelin Tires? | PriusChat

Michelin all season radial tires: Hydro Edge, MSV4 and the X. Do any list members have any practical experience directly comparing these tires and if so which did you prefer for handing and stopping. Also there has been discussion of purchasing tires at Costco and Americas Tires what about Sam's Club? It seems inpractical to become a member of ...


Sam's Club $60 Michelin Sale 8/24 - 9/30 | PriusChat

Sam's Club $60 Michelin Sale 8/24 - 9/30 I have decided to purchase a set of Michelin X Radial DT from Sam's Club. According to Consumer Reports they are suppose to have a LRR. Checking prices on line the 195/60/15 87S are $103.86 ea. right at $400 out the door with the $60 off.


Sylvania H11 Headlights For 2013 Prius V | PriusChat

Sylvania h11 headlights for 2013 Prius v. Discussion in 'Prius v Accessories and Modifications' started by smile, Aug 25, 2017. ... With coupon it comes to around $29. ... Sylvania headlights Prius. Using a really old 140 watt inverter in 2012 V's 12-volt ? Kereneni ...

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