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Part Five: Walgreens - Living Well Spending Less

Print a copy of the Walgreens coupon policy, and be sure to keep it handy in your accordion file, Couponizer book, Qubie, or coupon binder. Here are the Walgreens "rules" you will need to know: You must have at least as many items as coupons used in a transaction. Register Rewards (RRs) are considered coupons.


The 40 Hanger Closet | Minimalist Living | Closet Makeover

I finally decided to take a more drastic approach with my closet. Inspired by my dear friend Edie's closet tips, I invested in some very nice hangers, the cool skinny kind that are covered in velvet so your clothes don't fall off.I only bought 40 because I couldn't bear the thought of spending any more, and I figured 40 would be enough to hold all the clothes I actually liked.


10 Best Family Board Games For Kids 3-8 | Living Well ...

Looking for some great board games your whole family will love? These are our picks for the top 10 best family board games (for kids 3-8). Pop some popcorn and gather the kids, because your family game night just got even more fun!


How To Create A Stockpile With Coupons | Living Well ...

What is a stockpile?. For couponing purposes, a stockpile is your personal collection of food, toiletries, drugstore items, and other household items that have been purchased at their ROCK BOTTOM prices and then stored until needed. It is sort-of like your own personal Supercenter right in your own home. So why stockpile?. In order to maximize your savings each week, you need to buy almost ...


Beginner's Guide To Coupons Part 3 | Living Well Spending ...

This Beginner's Guide to Coupons is full of useful tips and tricks to help you master the store and your shopping experience! ... Part Three: Mastering the Store. Last week you got your feet wet and [hopefully] discovered just how fun using coupons can be. ... I recommend that you limit this shopping trip to only coupon savings items ...


How To Plan Your Meals Around Store Sales | Living Well ...

How do you plan your meals around coupons? A: Shame on me! I haven't really been couponing for the last 3 months. What's your favorite thrifty meal idea? A: I don't really have a single one but I do like to turn to my Taste of Home quick cooking annual books for ideas. They are handy & practical.


7 Ways To Save On Fresh Produce | Living Well Spending LessA

5. Stock up on Frozen Produce. While fresh produce coupons can be hard to find, coupons for frozen vegetables are much more common and easy to match up with store sales. It is a good rule of thumb to stock up on frozen vegetables whenever you can find them on sale.


Why I Took My Kids' Toys Away And Why They Won't Get Them Back

As some of you already know, I've been on a mission this year to simplify my family's life and rid ourselves of excess. Over the course of the past nine months I have probably given away about 75 percent of my girls' toys, keeping only the items that I felt encouraged their imagination and that they actually played with.


Quick & Easy Coupon Organization | How To Organize Your ...

This file method of coupon organization is so fast & easy to keep organized that I still can't believe not everyone uses it. (You can find this portable file box similar to the one I use HERE.). That said, please don't misunderstand me and think that this is the ONLY way to organize your coupons.


How To Get Magazines For Free | Living Well Spending LessA

If you purchase Coke products, it pays to enter the code on the bottle or box at There are many thing things you can purchase with those points. I get 6 magazines every month just for cashing in on those codes. And it doesn't take very many points to a€


15 Things To Buy ALDI (& 5 To Avoid) | ALDI Shopping Secrets

ALDI offers their own brand of these refrigerated pre-made dough items, but frankly, they aren't as good. Not only that, but you'll probably pay more without a coupon for the ALDI brand than you would at the grocery store with a coupon for the name brand. 5. Cereal. This is, again, a coupon issue.


Living Well Spending LessA - Practical Solutions For ...

Living Well Spending LessA Elite Blog AcademyA ... Want to know the secrets to saving big on food? (Spoiler-It's not always using coupons!) ... .without having to clip a single coupon? Get the full scoop on exactly which items are a STEAL at this budget-friendly store (as well as which items you should probably avoid.) This can't-miss ...

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