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2019.01.19 - Drake18 Updates - Kb.drakesoftware.com

Scannable vouchers, or vouchers with scan-lines, will now be excluded from printing in the Tax Planner. Basis in a 754 asset listed on a 4562 screen was not being included in the UBIA calculation on the WKS QBI; however, the worksheet FED DEPR~ was reporting the 754 asset as part of the UBIA calculation.


Drake Software KB

New 13300: Updating the Employer Identification Number (EIN) Database from the Prior Year


94x - Form Deadlines (DAS)

The due date for filing Form 940 for 2018 is January 31, 2019. However, if you deposited all your FUTA tax when it was due, you may file Form 940 by February 11, 2019. See Form 940 Instructions for more information. Form 941: Your Form 941 is due by the last day of the month that follows the end of the quarter. ... Voucher for 94x Series ...


NM - First Quarterly Estimated Payments For Corporate ...

Generally, if a corporation's New Mexico tax after applicable credits is $5,000 or more, the corporation may be required to pay estimated taxes. This obligation is described in the New Mexico Instructions for Form CIT-1 Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Return.


13066: IL - E-File Monthly And Quarterly Wage Reports (CWU)

There is no paper form produced. Quarterly wage reports For paper filing in PDF format, Form UI-3/40 Employer''s Contribution and Wage Report. For e-filing, a file formatted to ICESA standards. A facsimile of Form IL-941, Illinois Withholding Income Tax Return, annual or quarterly.


2018.01.22 - Drake17 State Updates

2018.01.22 - Drake17 State Updates . ... Wisconsin Corporation Electronic Payment Voucher ; Form Corp-ES, Wisconsin Corporation Estimated Payment Voucher ; Schedule 4V, Wisconsin Additions to Federal Income ... Wisconsin Electronic Payment Voucher ; Form PW-1, Wisconsin Nonresident Income or Franchise Tax Withholding on Pass-Through Equity Income;


NM - First Quarterly Estimated Payments For Corporate ...

New Mexico When does a corporation have to pay estimated taxes and file New Mexico Form CIT-ES, Corporate Income And Franchise Estimated Tax Payment Voucher? Generally, if a corporation''s New Mexico tax after applicable credits is $5,000 or more, the ...


PA - Vouchers - Drake

On the TP/SP ES Voucher tab, select Print all four vouchers. Use the bottom section of the screen to make any changes to the vouchers as needed (optional). Note: If you decide to use the TP ES Vouchers or SP ES Vouchers links at the top of the PA LOC screen, you are limited on how to


Rejects + EF Messages - Drake Software

10971: Search Reject Codes from the IRS, State, and Bank


Menu - Drake

Drake Software supports four Philadelphia tax products in the Pennsylvania package: PAPHL40 - Employee Earnings Tax - Requires a payment coupon. There are no ES or Extension payment forms. PAPHBIRT/PAPHBREZ - Business Income & Receipts Tax - Requires one payment voucher that combines a payment coupon and an estimated payment into one voucher.


2019.02.15 - Drake18 Update - Kb.drakesoftware.com

Philadelphia Update 6. Individual Package: Improvements to the Philadelphia BIRT, Business Income and Receipts Tax, make sure items reported on federal Schedule E, Rents and Royalty Income, automatically flow to lines 1 and 3 of the BIRT Schedule D, Gross Receipts.


13510: IN - Private School/Homeschool Deduction

To enter the IN private school/home school deduction in Drake Tax, go to the Indiana Data Entry > Deductions tab > SCH2 screen. On line 8 of the SCH2 screen, there is a Private School/Home School Deduction.Enter the number of qualifying dependents on which the deduction should be calculated.


TheTaxBook - Drake Software

Drake Software customers receive discounts on TheTaxBook and TheTaxBook WebLibrary. Use Promo Code 799 when ordering. For the order form, see Attachments below. Attachments. The TaxBook Order Form.pdf 1.00 MB, 555 views. Details. Article has been viewed 2.6K times. Last Modified: Last Year.


TheTaxBook - Drake

Drake Software customers receive discounts on TheTaxBook and TheTaxBook WebLibrary. Use Promo Code 799 when ordering. Use Promo Code 799 when ordering. For a€


NY - Filing An S Corporation Extension

New York does not recognize a federal extension. If you cannot meet the filing deadline for a NY S Corporation return, you should request a six-month extension of time by filing Form CT-5.4, Request for Six-Month Extension to File, on or before the due date of the return.


2019.01.25 Drake18 Updates

Form OR-20-S, Oregon S Corporation Tax Return, may now be printed and e-filed. The check mark for payment types -- Original return, Extension payment, Prepayment, or Amended return -- will now be displayed in the appropriate box on Form OR-LTD-V, LTD Self-Employment Tax Payment Voucher. Individual Package:


NC - D-403 Voucher Not Produced

A voucher will not be produced in Drake Tax, however, the NC DOR provides a web-fill form that can be used to generate the NC D-403V, Partnership Income Payment Voucher. If the NC D-403 return is being paper-filed, do not complete the web-fill voucher. Instead, the NC DOR states to staple the payment to the return and mail both the return and ...


10195: MO - 1040V Voucher - Drake Software

Returns that will be paper-filed will contain a 2D barcode. This is able to be scanned by the DOR to obtain details from the return, including balance due; thus, the voucher is not necessary. The MO-1040V voucher and the payment should be sent to: Missouri Dept. of Revenue Box 371 Jefferson City, MO 65105-0371.


NY - State And City Payment Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay estimated tax for New York corporate returns, NYCT3 or NYCT3S? ... To generate NY ES vouchers, Under the 20YY ESTIMATED TAXES TO BE PAID FOR NEXT YEAR, select NY as the State and the Type as IN. The ES code is a required selection, simply choose how you want the vouchers to round.


MS - Estimated Tax Voucher - Drake

Estimated tax payments must not be less than 80% of the annual income tax liability. Any taxpayer who fails to file the estimated tax return and pay the tax within the time prescribed or underestimates the required amount shall be liable for interest of one percent (1%) per month on underpayment of tax from the date payment is due until paid.

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