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Body Armor Bullet Proof Vest | Kevlar Vest | Israel ...

It is crucial to select the correct item of bullet proof body armor for you. This choice of concealable body armor for sale is a top of the range selection, which allows you to be fully protected while going about your business. Each item is made from bullet proof Kevlar and is fully compatible and certified as level IIIA armor.


Buy Bullet Proof Vest Concealed Lightweight With Goldflex ...

100% GoldFlex makes for a super-light and super-thin bullet proof vest. The concealed ballistic vest is worn under regular street clothes and boasts an ergonomic design for maximum comfort and ease of movement. The wearer can keep the concealable protective vest on during prolonged periods and ensure that the back and front of the torso remain protected.


Buy Bookmarks |

Buy original Judaica bookmarks, including limited edition carved replica bookmarks from, a unique gift from the collections at the Israel Museum shop in Jerusalem. The Israel Museum, a jewel in Israel's cultural crown, sits majestically in the Holy city of Jerusalem, proudly displaying the largest collection of treasures from centuries of Jewish history.


Buy Christian Prayer Shawl |

The tallit or prayer shawl is a special garment, cloaklike and symbolic, that envelopes the wearer in spirituality as well as in the physical sense, blessing the wearer with a unique connection with God during times of prayer, whether in joy or sorrow, celebration or misfortune.The manifestation of your personal tent of meeting, your wedding canopy, and your place of prayer, it symbolizes all ...


Buy Tallit Prayer Shawl |

A Tallit, or Tallis, is a prayer shawl worn by Jewish people when praying. Used every day, it is an important part of Jewish culture, and a unique Judaica item. Not like just any shawl, Tallits are four cornered garments with stripes along them in traditionally blue, black, or in Sephardi communities, white.


Military Surplus Body Armor For Sale |

(-) Remove Military Surplus filter Military Surplus; Bullet Proof Vest (5) Apply Bullet Proof Vest filter Tactical Vests (5) Apply Tactical Vests filter Concealable Body Armor (2) Apply Concealable Body Armor filter Stab Proof Vest (1) Apply Stab Proof Vest filter Israeli ...


Body Armor For Sale To Civilians: Bullet Proof Vests ...

Body Armor for Sale to Civilians: Bullet Proof Vests, Helmets & Tactical Gear . Buy Military tactical gear from the country that specializes in army and survival gear, direct to you from Israel. We are an international supplier of tactical gear, specialized in selling civilian body armor ...


Buy Ballistic Body Armor Plates |

In short, you need body armor plates in order to provide the best protection possible. There are several options to choose from. One of the most common is the range of SAPI (small arms protective insert) plates. These are ceramic plates, initially developed by the US military, which can be inserted into body armor pouches. ... Best cheap low ...


Buy Dead Sea Psoriasis Treatment, Psoriasis Cream | Israel ...

Dead Sea psoriasis products, enriched with unique soothing minerals, found only in Dead Sea salt, providing high quality Dead Sea skin relief, dead sea psoriasis cream, psoriasis shampoo, psoriasis soap, psoriasis oil. The Best Psoriasis Treatment available.


Buy Dead Sea Salts |

What is Dead Sea Salts? The Dead Sea is the mineral oasis of the world, a natural haven for skincare known throughout history for its restorative power and health benefits. Cleopatra is said to have visited the dead sea for these reasons, and many others have utilized the magical properties of the Dead Sea to give their skin relief.


Buy Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment |

When not roasted, argan oil is an important ingredient for Moroccan oil shampoo and related creams and conditioner. The nutrient-rich composition of argan oil, especially the anti-oxidants are reportedly excellent for hair, skin and cuticles. In fact, some claim that argan oil treatment can help slow down the process of aging skin.

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