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Virginia Intermont's Campus Sale Begs Questions Of How ...

Virginia Intermont was threatened with having its electricity shut off if it did not pay its bill. The college struggled and failed to cut checks for employees on time. At one point, the college briefly posted an appeal for donations totaling $291,000 -- including $106,000 for payroll and $100,000 for student refunds. E.


U Of Central Florida Increases Class Sizes With Live ...

A UCF promotional video from 2010, for example, promoted recorded lectures as a way to improve retention and test scores -- with students able to show up in person when they wanted, while having video available as well.


Experts Consider Significance Of Apple's Deal With Ohio State

Apple has sold products to colleges, sometimes at meaningful discounts, for a long time, but no deal has ever looked anything like the collaboration just announced with Ohio State University.. Beginning next year, Ohio State will be integrating Apple technology into all its teaching and learning experiences as part of an institutionwide initiative called the Digital Flagship University.


How And Why To Negotiate For A Starting Salary (opinion)

I don't care if this is your dream job. You still need to negotiate your offer. Before you ask me, I will tell you, no, you're not "rocking the boat" by negotiating. You are, in fact, taking important steps to make sure that you are positioned to be successful and also guaranteeing that you will earn a salary that can support you.


Notre Dame Offers Its First Graduate Online Program

Notre Dame's first fully online degree was approximately four years in the making. Visconsi, an English professor, became the university's first chief academic digital officer, part of the provost's office, in 2012, just as Notre Dame and eight other top-tier institutions experimented with a year-long Semester Online.


Purdue Moves To Make Mentoring Undergraduates A Criterion ...

Purdue moves to change its promotion requirements to reward professors who are mentors, especially to at-risk students, and who promote undergraduate research and teaching innovation. Faculty leaders Purdue moves to make mentoring undergraduates a criterion for tenure


Inside Higher Ed's News

NCAA refuses to adopt rules that would have let it punish colleges for major academic misconduct. The decision reinforces the perception of the association as ...


Tuition Remission? Really? | Confessions Of A Community ...

The state sets tuition, which it hasn't raised in forever, but colleges set fees. At this point, "fees" outstrip tuition by factors of five or six across the state. But the employee benefit only covers the "tuition" part, so the benefit has been essentially frozen for decades, becoming much more like a ...


College Of The Holy Cross Abandons Need-blind Admissions

May 13, 2019 The College of the Holy Cross ... According to an annual study by the National Association of College and University Business Officers, or NACUBO, discount rates surpassed 50 percent in 2017-18 and are on course to hit 52 percent in 2018-19. The rapidly rising rates are the result of continued efforts by colleges and universities ...


How To Create A Strong Reappointment, Tenure Or Promotion File

Last week we reviewed the reappointment, tenure and promotion process. In this article, we will discuss strategies for assembling your file for it. The typical file should include a copy of your CV, a narrative and documents providing evidence of your accomplishments in the three areas of faculty work: teaching, research and scholarship, and service.


Cliques, Careerism And Self-Promotion On Academic Twitter ...

Blogs. Print. Technology and Learning. A space for conversation and debate about learning and technology. Title . Cliques, Careerism and Self-Promotion on Academic Twitter. Queasy. By . Joshua Kim. March 26, 2018 .


Why Does Self-Promotion Feel Like Bragging? | University ...

Why are we so uncomfortable with self-promotion? Last week''s View from Venus episode with Jeanne Zaino explored this question in a bit more depth. Jeanne makes a convincing argument for why getting the word out there is not just important for your individual career but also for your institution, your students, and, ultimately, for society.


New Administrative Job? Prepare For The ... - Inside Higher Ed

Instead of thinking they now had a friend in the administrative ranks, many behaved as if I had sold out. I even overheard a colleague whispering as much to a small group at a party my academic department chair gave for me. To make matters much worse, on my first day in my new position, I discovered my budget did not have nearly enough money to ...


Gorilla Theatre | Library Babel Fish

I enjoyed reading John Warner''s recent confessional - he was very nearly fooled for a moment by the "gorilla television" prank. Many people were fooled, because we''ve become accustomed to believing six impossible tweets before breakfast.* There are at least a couple of things going on - confirmation bias (it fits a pattern of shock and outrage many of us have been feeling about ...


University Of Washington Plan To Alleviate Salary ...

Currently, professors at the University of Washington -- including at campuses in Seattle, Tacoma and Bothell -- have just two guaranteed opportunities for a raise: upon promotion to associate and full professor, respectively, at 7.5 percent, which is scheduled to increase to 9 percent in the fall.


Demotion Or Promotion? - Inside Higher Ed

It was a promotion. I rummaged in my file cabinet to find the observations my associate dean had done of me. There were five different review areas for faculty: class organization, effectiveness of presentation/teaching methods, effectiveness of content presentation, interaction with students, and an overall summary.


Research Suggests Relationship Between Siblings'' College ...

The study found that 69 percent of younger siblings enrolled in the same type of college as their older sibling ... On the other hand, the findings could be explained through legacy policies, where colleges are more likely to admit students from the same family or ...


Accreditor Backs Purdue University Global As More For ...

Purdue University Global has cleared its third and final regulatory hurdle, with the Higher Learning Commission following state and federal agencies in backing Purdue''s acquisition of the for-profit Kaplan University.. Yet questions remain about the final structure of the boundary-pushing Purdue Global, which has drawn both strong praise and criticism.


Arbitrating The Use Of Student Evaluations Of Teaching

An arbitrator ordered Ryerson University in Canada to amend its faculty collective bargaining agreement to ensure that student evaluations of teaching (SETs) are not used to measure teaching effectiveness for promotion or tenure.


How To Develop A Cohesive Narrative In Your Tenure And ...

One way that my small private comprehensive university measures such community is by the presence of cohesion, or an integrated narrative thread, across the tenure and promotion dossier. At first, developing a narrative line through the dossier that seamlessly links the areas of teaching, scholarship and service seems like a difficult and ...


Drew University, After Spending To Attract More Students ...

Drew's freshman discount rate and enrollment ticked down slightly this year to 62 percent and 350 as of the fall. Total undergraduate enrollment came in at 1,589, up from previous years as freshman retention has climbed. The university has essentially used financial aid to buy more students while still making itself more selective.


Western Governors' Deepening Partnership With ...

That way the path back to WGU is clearer. And because StraighterLine doesn't issue degrees, the two institutions aren't really competitors. As a result, Western Governors is one of StraighterLine's scholarship partners. Those discounts can knock up to 38 percent, or roughly $9,000, off the total cost of a bachelor's degree from the ...


NACUBO Survey Reports Sixth Consecutive Year Of Discount ...

Discount rates at private colleges continue to grow, according to annual survey, reflecting the myriad pressures that are weakening college pricing power. NACUBO survey reports sixth consecutive year of discount rate increases


A New Kind Of 'big Deal' For Elsevier And Carnegie Mellon ...

The Carnegie Mellon deal is for four years, he said. Read-and-publish deals are being pursued by some colleges and universities as a way to reduce journal subscription costs while boosting open-access publications. As more and more articles are a€


Essay On What New Faculty Members Need To Know About ...

Graduate students and new faculty members need to know more about how compensation works, ... Of course, this means more work, and less time for research, as well. ... But trying to use the leverage you have to pry more money out of your university, no matter how much you may deserve the increase, always entails a certain degree of risk. ...


NACUBO Study Of Discount Rates Finds Another Increase And ...

NACUBO's survey of discount rates finds another increase, but a surprising enrollment drop at many private institutions could be a threat to balanced budgets. NACUBO study of discount rates finds another increase and a drop in enrollment


Your Tenure Narrative | Inside Higher Ed

A tenure narrative (also known as your personal statement) is a statement that describes your career: what you have done in the areas of teaching, research, and service. The statement should be a strong and persuasive case for excellence in teaching and research and make clear your valuable service contributions.


Why I Cancelled My Kindle Unlimited Subscription ...

The other problem with Kindle Unlimited is that it is difficult to discover books that qualify. There is no easy way to see which books in your Amazon or Audible Wish Lists are Unlimited eligible. Amazon does nothing to match the books that I've previously purchased or have put in my Wish list with books available through Kindle Unlimited.


Colleges Rush To Prepare For Amazon Expansion

Virginia governor Ralph Northam announced yesterday that Virginia Tech and George Mason will share a pool of performance-based state funding worth up to $375 million over the next 20 years, subject to one-to-one matching by the institutions. In addition, Northam plans to invest $50 million in tech internships for K-12 students.


Discounting Keeps Climbing - Inside Higher Ed

Tuition discount rates were highest among small institutions and lowest for comprehensive universities. The estimated average institutional tuition discount rate for first-time, full-time freshmen at small institutions was 50.9 percent in 2016-17. The rate for all undergraduates at a€


NACUBO Report Finds Tuition Discounting Up Again

The discount rate for all undergraduates in 2017-18 rose to an estimated 44.8 percent, also an all-time high. "It's a story with two conclusions," said Ken Redd, senior director of research and policy analysis at NACUBO.


Advice On How To Write Effective Tenure-review Letters

Because of this, writing a negative letter might feel like a waste of time. In order to know if a candidate's letter will be positive, either you will need to be already familiar with the candidate's work or you will have to do some advance vetting of the candidate, such as by taking a quick look at the candidate's CV or a few of their ...

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