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Oris Discounts, 2018 Edition - Page 3 - Watchuseek

Re: Oris Discounts, 2018 Edition I went into my AD yesterday to check out the big crown pointer date and the aquis and was attended to by the owner's son. He flat out stated if you see a piece you like for a price you like from online, we can work with you to meet that price.


Purchasing A G-Shock In Singapore - Watchuseek

I went to hunt for a rangeman(my first g shock) around peninsula plaza, Chinatown and bencoolen and I found that the shops in bencoolen have the lowest prices for most Gs. Don't ever buy a g shock at the g factories in Singapore! They are overpriced..


Grand Seiko (not) In Bangkok

Both visits where disappointing to say the least: many empty displays and only one watch in stock (SBGE027, I think). Ordering another model was still possible but I'm under the impression that Grand Seiko (dealers) tried and failed to get a foothold in Thailand and now decided to retreat.


Monarch Pocket Watch?

I have came across an vintage Monarch pocket watch (well I believe it's vintage) That I purchased for a very low price. The movement seems to work pretty good ,but will need adjustment and needs some case and dial cosmetic work, but this is where my problem starts, I can't seem to find any info on this watch company anywhere so trying to even attempt to order a new face or find another for ...


How To Spot A Fake Tissot PRC-200 - Watchuseek

I bought a Tissot PRC-200 in Ebay, and after a detailed inspection found that it was fake. The watch came with box, papers, and warranty card shipped from Hong Kong. The seller swear that it is genuine, but it isn't. Inside has a ETA quartz movement (as the genuine), so you must take care about the following recommendations.


How To Spot A Fake Tissot PRC-200 - Page 48

Tissot did indeed discontinue the old PRC 200 design around 3-4 years ago and made the new version which you see on their website. It is quite different in design as well as size. Since the PRC 200 with the old design has been discontinued for many years, it is also highly likely that anyone buying them as "new" today is buying fakes.


My Disappointing Visit To The Seiko Outlet Store

Gabe, I haven't been to a Seiko Outlet store as there are none in Miami, but by the sounds of it, I am not missing much if anything at all. Your experience pretty much mirrors my frustration and overall disappointment with the Seiko (and to an extent) Citizen's product mix in this country.


Zeno Watch Basel, Experiences & Comments?

I can get Kiber chrono 7750 with discount for about 650 eur. For zeno in the same class you have to pay about 1400. Yes - zeno states that their watches are specially regulated in a factory - beleive me - that is a commercial lie. Regulated watch out of the box can not be fast 20 sec/day.


Stowa Discount Coupons? - Watchuseek

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Question About The Use/purchase Of Stowa Vouchers

Hello! I have a question about Stowa vouchers. I am in the US so buying a EUR 500 voucher is only EUR 420.17. Would I be able to apply all EUR 500 to an order I make? For instance, the Antea 390 is EUR 563 without VAT. Would I pay the EUR 63 + shipping or would I only be able to apply EUR 420.17 to the order.


Luxury Discount Store - Watchuseek

Has anyone ever used the Luxury Discount Store for a purchase? They have a watch I have been trying to find for a good price. The web site lists a 2 year warranty ...


Aragon - Search Results - Watchuseek, The Most Visited ...

World's most visited Watch Forum Site - Watches, Horloges, Montres, Uhren, Relojes, Straps, Shop - ... ARAGON COUPON CODE and Dive Watch Sale. Started by ARAGON Watch...


Hands-on With The New 39.5mm Oris Aquis Date

The 2018 39.5mm Oris Aquis Date (right) next to its 43.5mm brother in sunburst green, also for 2018 Now, even since 2011, the Aquis (and by extension, its predecessors) has primarily been available in a single case size: 43.5mm - until this year.


FS: Oris Aquis 39.5mm Matte Black - Watchuseek

For Sale is my Oris Aquis Date 39.5mm (ref 01 733 7732 4124-07 4 21 64FC). This is the matte black dial model with brushed case and ceramic bezel. Sapphire crystal and ceramic bezel are scratch free. The case is showing minor signs of wear.


How Reliable Is Long Island Watch? - Page 3 - Watchuseek

LIW is a Top Gun seller!Don't forget they offer WUS Members a 10% Discount.Can't recall the code so just send them an email requesting it... Twotone60 likes this. ... Long Island Watch rocks! Great prices, great service. I have bought three watches from them. ... experienced in New and Vintage Mechanical Watches. Watchuseek recommends Chrono24, ...


Anyone Has Purchase Experience At ...

Just found out they have some interesting models. Personally I am looking for a 24-h watch (this time probably an Aviator, since I need a ss case watch). I've bought a couple of Raketa 24hs from, their service is really good. however, it looks like has a much bigger Raketa collection.


Squale Wathces - Watchuseek

Hello, Squale watches are some of the few watches out there with a real dive history dating back to the 60s. They first started manufacturing cases for some of the big Swiss watchmakers like BP. Quality is excellent and the majority of them use Swiss ETA movements.


FS: 2019 Oris Aquis Date On Bracelet

Up for sale is the beloved Oris Aquis in a new color. This one has a brown ceramic bezel insert combined with a brown dial that has sunburst effect...very unique and absolute pleasure to look at in ...


FS: ORIS Aquis Diver Date On Bracelet

I have for sale a never worn Oris Aquis Date dive watch (Ref#: 01 733 7653 4127-07 8 26 01PEB) on bracelet. This watch has never been worn, but was in the display case so was probably handled. Bracelet has all the links attached (has not been sized). Black dial with yellow accents.


Brement Boeing Type Vs Chopard Mille Miglia GTS - How ...

Interested in thoughts/input on the Bremont Boeing Type 1 vs the new Chopard Mille Miglia GTS. While the Chopard retails for more, with discounts both can be had for roughly the same price from an authorized dealer.


Chopard Mille Miglia Racing Colours - Watchuseek

Re: Chopard Mille Miglia racing colours For me, Chopard is L.U.C., but these MMs with their ETA movements are a decent enough watch for the price. If you like it, go for it, after negotiating a healthy discount if you suspect it'll be sold at some point in the relatively near future to fund something else.


Edox ... Where Has This Brand Been In My Life .. It Has To ...

I have also bought in the last six months 2 Edox divers watches , I knew nothing about this brand but in Singapore a dealer was selling them at 50% off and irrespective of discount they seemed very well made and very good value .


What Are Some Independent/family Owned AFFORDABLE Swiss ...

What are some independent/family owned AFFORDABLE swiss watch manufacturers? I grew up in small family business and I'd like to buy a watch from a company that is still independent and family run and preferably swiss. Price wise, $500-1500 range. I know that it won't be a luxury watch and will probably have eta movement but as long as its a ...


Moose Strap Co Premium Nato Straps - Watchuseek

I️ just posted a review on Moose Straps on my website. Check it out and let me know if you have any feedback! Moose Strap Co Premium Nylon NATO Straps - ...


Typical Discount For Longines AD - Page 4

Re: Typical discount for Longines AD Discounts are neccesary in just about any consumer good. It allows retailers to price goods at a point where the market can bare. Online prices are often grey market so its not really fair to compare that discount to the one at an AD.


Buying A Rolex Sub In USA Vs Europe? - Watchuseek

I have never been to Europe before so hoping to get some insight from the users here on whether to purchase in Europe vs USA, and where is the best place in Europe, and just how much of a price discount there will be buying in Europe. Thanks for all your feedback.


I Have A £50 Christopher Ward Voucher - Who Wants It?? (UK ...

Christopher ward sent me a £50 voucher. Valid on all purchaes over £300, valid until 23rd Dec 2012. I don't need it Does anyone in the UK want it?


Stauer Watches Good Or Bad. - Watchuseek

I don't think that many of us here own Stauer watches; the name comes up here quite rarely so you might be better asking in the Affordables forum. I've seen a lot of Stauer watches online and they seem to make very neat looking watches--interesting "historic" recreations and such, but I can't speak to the quality.


High MSRP But Always On Sale? Invicta...etc Rip-off Or ...

High MSRP but always on sale? Invicta...etc Rip-off or good deal??? What are some brands to look out for as far as presenting themselves as upscale quality brands but in actuality are nowhere near? ... Chinese will be making movements that will rival the Swiss. I agree that many of these watches like Swiss Legend and Stauer are simply watches ...


Cheapest Way To Get Blancpain? - Watchuseek

It's really out of my price range, but I can't take my mind off it. There are a few local stores (So Cal) which can order it, but they won't discount (much), and the ~9% tax is killer on a watch this price. About a decade ago, the unofficial Omega AD in the East Coast was able to ship me a Speedy Pro at a heft discount AND no tax.


Watch Band Sale | Panatime's End Of Year Sale | 25% Off ...

As 2018 comes to a close, Panatime is running it's last sale of the year! Now through 1/3/19, every item at is 25% OFF. Visit and Enter Coupon Code "2018" for instant savings!


Cyber Monday At Panatime - Watchuseek

Hi Watch U Seek Members! Just letting everyone know that is currently running a cyber sale for 35% off every ( use coupon code "cyber19") In addition, Panatime is offering a special Cyber Monday Deal on All RIOS1931 Watch Straps: Save 10% when you add a RIOS1931 Watch Band to your shopping cart, and SAVE AN ADDITIONAL 35% when you enter the Cyber19 coupon code.


Panatime: Any Current Promotion/coupon Codes?

Panatime: Any current promotion/coupon codes? Subject pretty much says it all, looking to see if anyone has any current Panatime promotion codes for discounts? Just bought a Bergeon 6767 and I'm ready to start trading out straps more often and decided on placing a Panatime order soon.


Vintage Watches From India - Watchuseek

I have noticed that there are a lot of vintage watches available on eBay that are located in India, and a lot of them are very attractively priced. Where have all of these great timepieces suddenly come from. I am interested in purchasing a couple of vintage Omegas, and would like to know what the general consensus is on watches from India.


Any Aragon Coupon Codes? - Watchuseek

I''m seriously thinking of buying a Aragon diver and was wondering if there are any valid up to date coupon codes available? Thanks.


Damasko Promotion At Timeless Luxury Watches

Damasko is going to restructure the US market and part with TLM. As far as warranty is concerned watches bought at TLW will not loose their warranty. In case something is wrong with a Damasko watch bought at TLW (promotion included) owners are kindly asked to contact the Damasko US-AD Watchmann.


Damasko AD Discounts?

So, I am relatively new to watches and WUS. In a story I have told elsewhere, I bought my first real watch during a vacation to Switzerland and paid full MSRP from an AD, not realizing that with a little haggling I might have been able to receive a discount of some percentage.


Compare These Two Seiko And Pulsar Railroad Watches.

I bought a Seiko Railroad watch 29 years ago in 1979 when I went to work for Southern Railway. Except for battery changes, the watch has never been touched and it still keeps perfect time to this day. Don''t let the lower price of the Pulsar sway your decision, the Seiko is worth the extra money.


Quartz Railroad Approved Watches : Actual Connection With ...

Hi, Some brands like Seiko, Citizen and Pulsar still produce quartz railroad approved watches. I would like to know to which extent they are connected to railroad or transportation use ? Is this only a fantasy/marketing thing ? I doubt it, since these brands dont make such false claims in general (I have for example never seen a Casio or Citizen with a "mil-spec" or "military approved" mention ...


Orient Vs Swiss Military(Hanowa) Vs Timex//My First Watch

With all the research I reduced my options to 3 brands(but i would love to hear more suggestions if it is sold here in Chile), Orient, Swiss Military(Hanowa) and Timex. I can pay around 100-200 dollars, depending on the Brand, a Timex is a lot more expensive here than a Swiss Military, even if they have the same price in the US...


Jacques Lemans -

This has probably been asked before but here it goes. Are Jacques Lemans Swiss Made Watches? I can not find a home page for them and SHNBC, Overstock, and those kind of sites are the only ones that come up on a google search.


Anyone Have POSITIVE Jomashop Stories?

So I''m trying to buy a watch from Jomashop (if they have it in stock, currently checking). When I end up stumbling across reviews on YELP - Jomashop - ... Feb 2011 Location New England Posts ... (with rubber band), and they had a coupon or similar for reduced shipping, as well. Placed the order during the weekend and the next Saturday got the ...


Washington DC area Posts 5,041. Re: - SCAM WEBSITE ... - SCAM WEBSITE It should be special! December 9th, 2018 #10. TwentiethCenturyFox. Member Join Date Mar 2014 Location Las Vegas, NV Posts 11,483. Re: - SCAM WEBSITE


Seiko Baby Marinemaster SBDC061 Vs SBDC065. Is The Price ...

That Sumo was heavily discounted at 350 - Seikos hardly sell with that kinda discount anymore since the brand has increased in popularity in recent years, thanks to forums and blogs. Vendors know that and give little to no discounts anymore. Look, even the SKX is now >250 USD.



Re: TAG HEUER PARTS ONLINE and TIP on HOW to SAVE MONEY ON REPAIRS. If you''re in the US, the best site is probably Esslinger Jewelry Supplies Tools Watch Parts & all Jewelry Findings Watch Bands for movements, parts, rings, and tools. They also have tips and good reading resources. Prices are very good as well.


Infantry IN025 Review - Watchuseek

Inside was the watch, a thank you letter with 10% coupon towards next purchase, and a guarantee card good for one year from date of purchase. So far, so good. ... which I am sure was the design goal of Infantry Co. A couple of the ladies even asked me about the watch, saying that they liked the size of it. Again, so far so good.


Cheapest Country To Buy Watches? - Watchuseek

Secondary: Oris Brashear chrono, Oris 65/42 green, Oris 65/40mm, Oris 65 bronze, ... brands and even new Rolex if you go to the big camera/electronics stores and get duty free plus the credit card discount. For example, a new Junghans Max Bill automatic for ~$800 or a Rolex Milgauss GV for ~$6100. ... Agreed Malaysia is a good place for watches ...


Collecting Cheap Watches From Walmart/etc.

There was a time when Walmart would sell the Casio G Shocks and Timex Expeditions for a good price. There stock seems to have gone down which is sad because a Timex Expedition or a Casio G Shock (other) is a good watch for the money.


How Reliable Is Long Island Watch?

Reliable in terms of selling quality watches at competitive prices all while providing exceptional customer service? At that Marc @ Long Island Watches is top notch. I recommend people buy from LIW often. or Reliable in terms of being able to repair your PDK transmission in your Porsche? Errr.....not so much.


Casio Solar, The Cheapest "recheargeable" Watches?

It wasn''t a cheap watch. After losing it i was thinking i will have to spend at least $200 to get anything similar, but then i discovered casio solar watches and ordered a $45 AQ-S810 with the same functionality as a eco-drive, but with the bonus of having a batery level indicator, something which is very rare in a ...

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