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Discounted Price Discount Price | WordReference Forums

I would use "discount prices" myself (adjective/noun). But you don't need "selling," and you can even drop "set" to turn "discount" into a verb: When running special offers, retailers set discount selling prices for some products.


Start / Start Off | WordReference Forums

The teacher's warm welcome started off the lecture, and then he reviewed the material for next week's exam. All boys start off innocent, but they soon come to learn the evil ways of the world. In both of those examples it would be rater awkward to omit the "off" (especially the second example).


Start Off / Start Out / Start | WordReference Forums

How to Start Working Out (If You Basically Haven't Moved Since Halloween)


Next Quantity Break Pricing | Price For The Next Quantity ...

Your client is really asking two questions: 1. What is the quantity that I must buy for the next quantity break? Say I need 15 units. Maybe the price goes down at a quantity of 20, maybe at 25, maybe not until 50.


Unwinding A Discount | WordReference Forums

In the cases when the provision is measured based on the present value of the amount expected to pay to settle the obligation, the discount unwinded should be recognised as borrowing cost. When we refer to the unwinding of a discount we mean the ...


Blind Discount | WordReference Forums

Does the deal have Blind Discount for Product? iGracias por vuestra ayuda! fenixpollo moderator. Arizona. American English Feb 4, 2010 #2 Cual es el contexto? Seria mas facil darte una frase equivalente se supieramos mas detalles de trasfondo acerca de la industria y del uso de esta frase. Gracias. Pequetradu ...


Difference In Pronunciation Between: A, Ai, A£, AC And A  ...

Could I get a few people to explain the difference in pronunciation between a, Ai, A£, AC and A  in Portuguese using English comparisons (if possible)? I can't...


Take You Up On Your Offer Of A Meal | WordReference Forums

"To take someone up on something" means to accept an offer from them. So, "Can I take you up on your offer of a meal?"is a polite way of saying "I have thought about accepting the meal that you offered, and I would like to accept that meal."


Marketing, Advertising, And Promotional Efforts ...

promotional efforts -> Usually involve a "special offer" of some sort and/or focus on a specific aspect of the brand's activity. advertising efforts -> cover a€


How To Write An Email With Asking For Discount In A ...

i am writing an email for asking reduce the price in a previous quotation that i received. can i write "please send me your revised quotation with the best reduced price" probably you all have the better clause, please help me with this. PS: my english is not strong, please forgive me if i a€

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