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Vodafone Employee Advantage Scheme Rejected - Community Home

Vodafone should make it clear what the original price is and then the discounted price. A while ago the 25GB plan was£25.80 and was VEA eligible, making it £18.06. It's better to try and put the discount code in when you order online as it will say if it's eligible or not and could save placing an order to find out later.


Military Discount - Community Home -

Military discount Ž20-11-2019 01:17 PM If I purchase a contract and phone from Carphone warehouse can I then apply my 15% discount that I am able to get due to me being an active UK military member?


Armed Forces Discount?????? - Community Home - Vodafone

It is your employer that is meant to tell you about the Vodafone discount. It is called the Employee Advantage Scheme and it is operated by Vodafone on behalf of employers. Vodafone staff are not really trained to sell it to the public. Also it has to be claimed within 30 days of the contract being taken out so you are well outside of that ...


Solved: Sim Wont Work - Community Home

we have an unlocked iphone 6 that wont work with vodafone sim. The sim has been checked in another phone and works fine. The iphone will work with O2 and EE but not vodaphone. Tried linking it to itunes but that doesnt help. Any suggestions?


Advantage Discount Scheme - Community Home

Re: Advantage discount scheme Ž06-08-2016 12:27 PM @Stuartdavidson As you problem is quite unusual it would be a help to anyone else who encounters the same set of circumstances in the future if you update your post with the result of your request to remove the VEA from a former friend.


New PAYG Sim Not Allowing Texts To Competition Num ...

Understanding I had to buy a FREE sim for £10 in order to unlock phone, I duly bought a PAYG bundle from the local store. Stupidly, I didn''t realise that Vodaphone don''t have an ongoing credit policy unlike my other 3, Virgin and Orange sims which I want to use in this phone. I feel cheated as this was NOT explained to me when I bought the sim.


Vodafone Trade In IPhone 7 / 7plus Lies - Community Home

I am tired of the way Vodafone treat its customers. Prior to upgrading i had a 25% household discount on this line and now i have no household discount. Just because i upgraded does not mean i should lose a discount. I have been put under immense stress and pressure due to needing to find the money for the bill and not getting support from ...


Unable To Topup - Community Home - Vodafone

i bought a topup voucher but am unable to topup either on the website or on the link through the dongle software, i keep getting a message saying try again later or contact customer services, are there any known problems with the P.A.Y.T. system?


Cost Of Sure Signal - Community Home

I''m after a Sure signal box and dont know the correct price! ive rung customer services and was transferred around 4 times. First someone called luke told me that the box was £25 as im an exsisting customer, then when i finally got through to someone else they said it was £50 and ive no proof that ''Luke'' told me it was £25!


Get Pay As You Go SIM For International ... - Vodafone

Vodafone Sim Cards for Payg are also available in High street Discount Stores but as your new to the U.K and not fully aware of different options then buying from one of these probably wouldn't be beneficial. Vodafone U.K. Has two Payg Tariff Options... Big Value Bundle. Freebies. Info on both can be found in.. Vodafone pay-as-you-go-plans.


Suspend Number While Abroad - Community Home - Vodafone

The brilliant thing about PAYG in this country is that there is no minimum top up requirement. You just need some activity on there every 6 months. So stick the sim card in your phone and make a call (if you were on Vodafone PAYG then you're looking at 60p fror a 1 min call).


Solved: Unable To Get A Free Sim - Community Home

If your unsuccessful then any Vodafone Highstreet Store or even discount A£1 stores and supermarkets have them to pick up for a A£1 @jack0_x . Using this Vodafone link works for me a€ Free Payg Vodafone Sim card.


Vodafone Trade In IPhone 7 / 7plus Lies - Community Home

Since then i have been waiting for Vodafone to send me the trade in bag to ensure i received the A£10 per month credit. I have been on several chats, store visits and calls and i am still waiting. I have now had to recycle my old phone via another firm so i a€


Solved: Trade In Instant - Community Home

Hi @Thebam135 . As you can see fro this link Vodafone Trade In the store will give you a guaranteed quote to use towards a new in store device or credit on your bill.. Don't know if you are on an eligible plan to be able to take advantage of the flexi upgrade uption, this will mean paying an early upgrade charge but will get you a new phone : Flexi Upgrade


Vodafone Advantage Scheme IPhone XS - Community Home

Called Vodafone to upgrade IPhone Xs on Vodafone advantage discount, I was told to go to the store. Called again after few hours and I was told that this discount not eligible for IPhone XS. It doesn't state anywhere website or my Vodafone apps.


Problem With Rewards - Community Home - Vodafone

julie seal: i thought there maybe a problem with my email account,but ive since completed a survey for vodafone and they sent me an email with 50 points to the same email i asked you to send the voucher,i recieved the 50 points in seconds,but not the voucher,its been 5 a€


Early Termination Fee - Community Home - Vodafone

I've recently contacted Vodafone live chat to discuss how much it would be to cancel my contract early, my contract ends in June and I pay A£17 a month which, if I've done the math right is about A£85. It was my understanding that if you wish to terminate early you would pay the remaining un-used months.


Pay Monthly - Vodafone

As you can see from the link Vodafone Advantage, the discount is 15% of a device pay monthly contract but with most contracts having a hidden discount, you may find the Advantage will not be eligible. As far as you ipad contract is concerned, there may be some early termination charges to pay and it may be worth checking your data online account.


How To Stop Spam Texts From Vodafone? - Community Home

Unfortunately still getting these spam texts from Vodafone about rewards - so the live chat didn't work. The texts still continue to say send STOP to 9774 to end them, but that doesn't work either. I can't see a way to block the sender - there isn't any number, it just says from "Vodafone" on my phone.


Solved: Blocking Nuisance Calls - Community Home - Vodafone

I've been getting nuisance calls since early october and on Tuesday I decided to contact Vodafone on live chat to see what could be done as I was getting calls throughout the day, some at 2, 3 or 4am!!. I was told I had to log each call for upto 5 days and send the report via email.


Unlock Code Request Form [#5031785] - Community Home

Hi I sumbitted an unlock request via the online form and have received the e-mail shortly after saying it will be 48hrs or 7/10 days if manufacturer needs to be contacted. ... Vodafone have to pass the request on to Apple who are responsible for actioning the unlock. Apple do seem to drag their heels when it comes to unlocking, so you are going ...


NHS Discount On Upgrade -

Hi @realdees my wife works for the NHS and we recently upgraded her tarrif. She received an email to her work email with a link in it to verify her NHS email and therefore her work status. Have you received that email? Once she verified the discount appeared a few hours later and was showing on the my Vodafone a€


Solved: NHS Discount - Community Home - Vodafone

Solved: I need to register for my NHS discount. When I took out the upgrade I was told I had to do it online but have no idea how to do it.


Nhs Discount On IPhone 5s - Community Home - Vodafone

Hi I am thinking if changing my network provider to Vodafone as I've heard they are offering a NHS discount on the iPhone 5s unlike the other networks.


New Contract But Negotiated Discount Not Being App ...

Hi I'm not sure if this is the right section for this post but here goes. I took out a new contract at the end of June for 2 new Galaxy S6's and


Solved: Lost Top Up Voycher - Community Home

The voucher would have a number which would need to be entered into the phone. Vodafone would have sold thousands of top up vouchers at that time and would be unable to locate the specific voucher.


Re: Tesco Voucher A Scam Or Real? - Community Home

Hi It's a genuine offer attached to the Application from Vodafone to thank you for being a customer. I have also downloaded the e voucher from the My


Solved: Friends And Family - Community Home - Vodafone

Hi, im wondering if anyone can help on a quick question i have, i am currently on friends and family with vodafone and i also have a discount on my mobile bill, my question is if i upgrade my phone does this still automaticaly stay on my account or do i have to go through all the steps again to get the friends and family ect on my account, basically will the discounts still be aplied to my ...


Re: Now Tv Voucher - Community Home

My now tv pass is not working I've checked with now tv and they say it expired. I text entertainment to 97613 and it say I inclusive subscription end 25/04/2019. I recently upgraded to another 12 month sim only contract again which includes another 12 mother of now tv. So I need another voucher code to start my now tv again.


Loyal Customer! - Community Home

Dear all. Do you not think after being a loyal customer of 16 years, yes 16 years that when I upgrade 4 months early now from the iphone 4S to the iPhone 5 that Vodafone would perhaps offer me something other than just buying back my phone to offset the A£251.00 early contract termination fee?. They did however today say I could pay the A£251.00 early termination fee in my next bill instead of ...


Sure Signal - Community Home

The issue youre experiencing: Sure signal not working What light sequence you're seeing: No lights at all Your Sure Signal serial number:


Solved: Sure Signal Discounts? - Community Home

Thanks for the reply Suki but i dont recall ever asking for sure signal free of charge as mentioned in your reply just a discount. Its not a problem though as online chat were more than happy to help with a discount as they could see that my house was right on the border of a 3G signal weak spot.


Freebee Rewards Voucher - Community Home - Vodafone

freebee rewards voucher a€Z07-05-2013 08:38 PM ive been trying to access freebee rewards so i can download a A£20 voucher to take to the shop to put towards a new phone but all i can get for the past 2 weeks is some parts of our site are down any idea when the site will be up and running again or any other way i can get my voucher thanks..


Vodafone Employee Advantage Scheme - Community Home

Hi @reds149. Apart from being a list of Vodafone Corporate clients, the list of companies participating in the Advantage scheme is constantly changing, The discount is provided by the employer to employee as a benefit working for the company and is not customer facing or offered by Vodafone.


Corporate Discount - Community Home - Vodafone

Have just received confirmation of the upgrade from Vodafone and it is showing the full A£58 as the monthly cost. ... The information with the form to complete is on the link below. Employee Advantage Scheme ... they would be able to add you as a friend or family but it's only one extra discount per application. 0 Thanks Share. Reply. View more ...


Solved: IPhone Upgrade Discount Not Applied-please Help ...

iPhone upgrade discount not applied-please help SOLVED View solved solution. fiyero. 4: Newbie ... The 20% will be removed and the original discount applied, which is great. Problem solved. ... I was told by Vodafone staff to put in for the discount so feel i have been misled.


Vodafone Together Discount - Community Home

Can you still get the together discount if you have broadband first? If so, can it be any of the Vodafone simcard deals as long as it's purchased

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