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The Unlimited Plan Promo Requirement Scam - Verizon Community

This promo links to the Verizon page for the LG G6: LG G6 | Verizon Wireless "LG G6 50% Off with Trade-In" (Note the Popup '?' states "2 Offers Available" but there is no link or means of seeing what these offers are). At the bottom of the Verizon Website are Deals and Special Offers Page (None of the listings actually link to this page)


Can You Get A Military Discount On A Prepaid Phone Plan?

can you get a military discount on a prepaid phone plan


Disney+ Promotion Is Not Working! - Page 3 - Verizon Community

I am in the same situation as many others in that I signed up for the Verizon / Disney+ promo and am wondering when this will be resolved. I created a login and password on Disney Plus and it does not recognize my email or the promotion. So, they offer to start trial and show me the billing rates....


Complaint - Erroneously Being Charged For Wireless ...

Since Sept. 2019, I have been charged a $4.50/month fee for the Dept. of Homeland Security Wireless Priority Service required by my employer. In addition to not applying my 1st Responder discount. Every month, I call Verizon and get a different reason, excuse, etc. why they have not waived the fee ...


Retired Employee Discount - Verizon Wireless Community

Heres the way it was explained to me (keep in mind this was like 2 years ago and my grandpa retired from Chrysler). There's an agreement with the employers to provide the discount, Verizon provides a discount for the employees that is offered by the employer if the employer decides to stop offering that discount Verizon cant do anything to stop it.


How Much With The IPhone X Be With An Upgrade? - Verizon ...

Agreed, 2 year upgrade cycles allow you to get a subsidized price. It doesn't appear that Verizon has made a statement about how the iPhone X will fit into that yet. Normally I pay $199 for a new iPhone - i'd be happy to make payments on a $299 (subsidized price) but not full retail, that wouldn't make sense.


After My '2 Years' If I Don't Upgrade I Deserve A Discount

1) Pay for a two year contract, for which you get two years of service at a fixed price, like many other types of contract. (And in fact you will probably continue to get the same pricing ...


Correct Answer: 2 Year Discount To Cover Upgrade Costs ...

Once you are no longer on the 2 year plan - in August, you can get a $15 or $25 line access fee discount IF you qualify. Which is the More Everything plan with at least 4GB of data. If you upgrade or sign a new 2 year contract that discount goes away.


Correct Answer: Employee Discount - Verizon Community

If it's someone else's discount you need to do an AOL(Assumption of Liability) 0 Likes Reply. Correct Answer! Jump to solution. Re: Employee discount Mark as New; ... Should be able to do it over the phone or at a Verizon corporate store. Make sure you have a pay stub or similar iirc. 0 Likes Reply. Correct Answer! Jump to solution. Re ...


Still Waiting For The Promotional Data... Any Idea ...

He told me that I should see the Promotion Data within 48 hours. I waited two days, didn't see the change reflected on my account, and called Verizon Wireless Support again. This time, Kenisha took my information and told me that I'd see the change within 24-48 hours.


Correct Answer: Note 4 For Sale On The 17th? - Verizon ...

Correct Answer: Other carriers will have the Note 4 for sale on the 17th, what are the chances the people that pre-ordered will have their phones on


Correct Answer: Disney+ Promotion Not Working - Page 2 ...

I was able to create a Disney+ acount using the link provided by Verizon, but then it took me to a screen to either "Start free trial" or to "Buy Now". There is no option to continue with Verizon 12 month promotion. I have called Verizon, I have chatted with Verizon, and I have emailed Verizon, all ...


Droid Turbo - Verizon Community

What do I use to play CD's I transfered from windows media player to my new droid turbo? I find it odd that the google player does not support those files. I never had a problem doing this with my old Samsung phone. Thanks for any guidance on this matter.


Motorola Droid Turbo - Verizon Community

Some more Info on the Droid Turbo, It has One big battery for sure A 3900 mAh And It's suppose to have a 21 megapixel camera on board WOW what a shooter, There are many more neat things to list all here so be as it is I will post the Links so you can get a Look at all of the new Goodies.. it is suppose to have in it..


Droid Turbo - Verizon Community

Droid turbo. created by Verizon Wireless Customer Support in Android - View the full discussion. Hello Bondfire! Let's get your voice to text back in proper order again for you. When did this trouble begin for you? Is this trouble persisting with all applications or only when trying to send a text message?


DROID - Verizon Community

Why does my Droid Turbo power off, with plenty of battery available, for no reason? by TOMC1057 Member last updated Tuesday. 20 Reply 10171 Views 10171 ... Verizon customer service terrible by muskyjohn Member last updated a month ago. 1 Reply 84 Views 84 ...


Droid Turbo 2 Shutting Off Randomly With Battery L ...

I am actually not a Verizon rep, but I actually own a Droid turbo 2 myself. I would contact customer service and say that many phones are having this issue and demand a free replacement. That's all that can probably be done IF your phone is out of factory warranty. If any phone's we're bought under a year ago and having this issue, get a ...


VR Goggle Promo Fail - Verizon Community

I preordered my s8+ on March 30th at an authorized verizon retailer simply for the promotion of "Preorder an S8+ and get either a free VR and remote, or a $99 Immersive VR bundle (complete with killer headphones and 256G memory card "(an $500 value!!)". I like values. . ...


How Much Will It Cost To Add An Apple Watch Series 3 To My ...

Its Correct the line access fee will be 10 dollars, I do know in previous cases its been 5 but not with the watch this is copied off the Verizon site "Photo also". New customers have to buy and activate a new iPhone before purchasing Apple Watch to redeem this offer. $399 device payment purchase required.


Apple Watch Cellular Service Cost? - Verizon Community

It sure will cost more. I added a Series 4 Apple watch yesterday, and the actual total increase is $14.83. That's 48.3% of the quoted $10 cost. I don't know why surcharges and taxes add up to so much. I spoke to at least three people on the phone yesterday, none of whom could explain why the fees.


Discount - Verizon Community

For Walmart employees to get the discount you have to go to the my benefits website for Walmart. Vzw had to have my dad do that. Walmart is the only one that has to do it through walmarts page.


Disney+ Promotion Missing - Verizon Community

I've tried both the MyVerizon App and the Website. The Disney+ promotion doesn't appear along side the other promotions like Apple Music and YouTube TV. I have the Beyond Unlimited plan. I've looked at other Posts on this, but they all just seem to have links to the site or App that also don't h...


VerizonUp Apple Music Promotion Difficulty - Verizon Community

I received 4 months free of Apple Music from a VerizonUp promotion, however, when added to my account, it says that the subscription is only valid for 1 month.


Apple Music Subscription - Verizon Wireless Community

Congratulations on that plan change. I know Apple Music can be a great reason to make that switch and I hope you're enjoying it. I've been listening to music through it a lot myself. You won't need to do anything. Because you moved to Beyond Unlimited you will be automatically moved to the included feature when your 6 month free promotion ends.


Apple Music Promo - Verizon Wireless Community

bryvnj, I understand how important taking advantage of the Apple Music promo is to you. I am here to assist. If you're already a subscriber to Apple Music you'll be promoted within the Apple Music app to cancel one of your subscriptions. Canceling with Apple will continue your 6 months of Apple Music on us.


IPhone 4s - Verizon Community

How do I restore backed up contacts from verizon cloud. The directions don't work


IPhone 4s Shipping - Verizon Community

I ordered my iphone from an Verizon store on the 22nd and I have yet to get an email or tracking number from them. I tried to look up my order status on the Verizon website but it says Expected Ship Date: Not available at this time. And that my order has been received and is being processed...


Iphone 4s Verizon - Verizon Community

To qualify for the SIM unlock, you should have requested the SIM unlock BEFORE you canceled your Verizon Wireless account and left the United States. Verizon Wireless has multiple requirements that customers must satisfy in order to have a SIM unlock request be granted.


IPhone 4S Shipping - Verizon Community

* Customers who purchased the iPhone 4S 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB on 10/12/11 as of 9:00AM will have a delivery date of 10/28/11. * Customers who purchased the iPhone 4S 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB on 10/14/11 as of 8:00AM ET will have a delivery date of 10/28/11. I hope this information is helpful.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cracked Screen Not Covered B ...

For those of you that have Asurion Insurance through Verizon, you might want to check your coverage for cracked screens. I received a letter stating they were lowering the deductible on many of the phones they cover. Of course, the Note 8 isn't on the list.


Upgrade & Discount - Verizon Community

An "employee discount" only applies if the account owner (the person whose name is on the bill) is the employee. It also applies to a portion of the bill, not the whole bill (More Everything and Verizon plans it applies to the data bucket, not the line access fees or device payments, older plans it is applied to the plan fee, & sometimes data ...


Promotional Credit Was Removed From My Account - Verizon ...

I rec'd an email that a promotional credit was removed from my account? eligibility criteria not met?? what is that?


Verizon Is Trying To Avoid Promotional Credit - Verizon ...

I Ported 4 lines from another carrier to Verizon in Dec 2014. According to the promotion they were supposed to credit $150 for each phone number brought in. They just credited 2 and the other 2 there are excuses every month and false promises that it will be taken care within 24 hours which of course doesn't happen and I wait for another ...


How Do I Pay My Bill - Verizon Wireless Community

How do I pay my bill, do I have to call you? Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.


55+ Unlimited Plan Review - Verizon Wireless Community

Thank you for the answers. Actually my original plan is a regular off the shelf type plan. It's the 2GB bonus data that I was receiving that I didn't want to lose should I decide to go back. But now I see that the bonus data is a promotion that Verizon is running and obtainable just by asking I guess. Appreciate all the help!


Correct Answer: Switching From Droid Maxx To Nexus 6p ...

If you're still under contract on the droid, you have to pay it out. As soon as you are out of contact, call and ask for a reduced line fee with the out of contract discount. I Have the 6p and love it. Never having to wait for another update is awesome. Works great, even gets HD voice so you can talk and surf.


Verizon Refused To Honor MOTOTRADEUP.COM Promotion ...

I then made contact with the Verizon Wireless store and was advised the promotion is correct from the salesman when it came time to clarify with the manager he stated there was a promotion that states you have to trade in a droid x2 or a droid 3 to get 100.00, now ...


The Truth About Verizon First Responder Priority F ...

The actual truth is the priority features for First Responders are not advertised by Verizon or AT&T as 'always on', because they are not. AT&T restricts prioritization to specific approved business apps, and also only allows 22gb/month of data before removing a customer from their First Net "Unlimited" plan.


Upgrade Fee? - Verizon Community

Verizon has also been among the lowest in how much their upgrade fees were compared to other providers. They may be more on par with the other providers now that they have increased their upgrade fees to $40. Regardless, the upgrade fee does not take away the fact that you CAN still find some phones which are free when signing a contract.


Why Would You Charge Me $40 For A Supposedly ... - My Verizon

It used to be "back in the day" you'd walk into Verizon, upgrade your phone, and pay for the contract pricing of 19$. Now, you do the same, but get a 30$ activation fee tacked on as well. This just started and doesn't matter if you order either online or in a store.


Complaint About Verizon "Free Tablet" Promotion - Page 3 ...

In the case of the $5 phone or the free tablet, realize that it's not truly "yours" until Verizon recoups their investment. If you want a nominal tablet and don't care about the 4G, my advice is to save up $100 or so and purchase one at a retail store. Then you'll have no obligations, and it's all yours from Day 1.


Complaint About Verizon "Free Tablet" Promotion - Page 2 ...

Per Verizon's promotion at the time, the $35 activation fee was waived. The $10/month is a line charge. Since the tablet accesses Verizon's 4G LTE network, it needs a phone number, even though it doesn't function as a phone.


Correct Answer: Does Verizon Offer Online TV Services ...

Correct Answer: do's Verizon offer a service like at&t, & Sling TV. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.


Senior Discount - Verizon Community

Network Extender; Verizon 4G LTE Router; Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack; Verizon SmartHub; Additional Products General; Basic Phones; Services. My Verizon; 5G; Prepaid Plans; 4G LTE - LTE Advanced; Bring Your Own Device; Verizon Smart Family; International Travel; Verizon Cloud; Verizon Messages; Verizon Wireless Services General; Voice and Broadband ...


How Do I Disconnect My Phone From Network Extender ...

@KattFace789,. I'm sorry to hear your phone has been connecting to another person's network extender. As these devices are made to work with compatible Verizon devices within range, it would be under the control of the owner of that extender to set up a White List ...


Does Verizon Give Military Discounts? - Verizon Community

They give government discounts of 12-15% with proof of employment. It is not a discount in the way of student, military, or senior discounts though.


Note 4 Pre-order Delivery? - Verizon Community

I feel your pain. I would love to be going home today knowing I have a Note 4 waiting to be opened. Look at this way, next week will have a brand new phone while other s have a week old phone.


BOGO - Verizon Community

I purchased 4 iphone X on a BOGO promotion. Last month I decided to pay off the 2 phones to get rid of my installment payments. I made the payment online and it turns out I paid off the wrong phone (didn't think it mattered which one I paid, since they're all the same price).


Basic Phones - Verizon Wireless Community

The thing is, the basic phones that are sold through Verizon are very expensive- I just want a 10-20 dollar phone that receives calls and maybe texts- I don't want a 50-100 dollar phone. Anyways! Am I allowed to buy a basic phone through another company (besides Verizon- maybe Amazon or Walmart), and still add the phone to my plan for a cheap cost?


Employee Discount - Verizon Community

After waiting for the one or two billing cycles for my employee discount to take effect, I contacted Verizon customer service as to why it had not shown up on my third billing cycle. I was told that this was a promotional deal, and that the same plan was already discounted from $90/mo.

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