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Connecting A Wireless Printer To A Mobile Hotspot And ...

I am looking for a printer that will run on my smartphone's mobile hotspot and will print from my android tablet! I live in the country and cell service sucks so I usually turn on the hotspot on my smartphone and leave it in a place where signal is ok then get online using my tablet that is connected to the hotspot via Wi-fi.


Ingram Micro Specs, Pricing, Reviews, & Support

Ingram Micro Inc. is the world's largest technology distributor and a leading technology sales, marketing and logistics company. As a vital link in the technology value chain, Ingram Micro creates sales and profitability opportunities for vendors and resellers through unique marketing programs, outsourced logistics services, technical support, financial services and product aggregation and ...


Anyone Heard Of ITPro.TV ? - Training & Development ...

I was listening to Security Now, And they mentioned TIPro.TV. Is anyone out there using them? It looks like a good way to jump start my career, but I'd like some feed back from other users before dropping that kind of money.


[SOLVED] ITPro.TV Or CBT Nuggets - Networking - Spiceworks

I'm in a position where my company is offering for me to learn on their dime, ITPro.tTV and CBT Nuggets both came up. I'd like to start down the networking path with the CCENT cert and I was wondering what the local spice-heads have to say about which they prefer and which they think will more prepare someone for the CCENT.


[SOLVED] ScreenConnect On Image - Software Deployment ...

I can't seem to get it to ever connect until I uninstall and reinstall it it. Best remote product ever by the way. Wh... [SOLVED] ScreenConnect on Image - Software Deployment & Patching - Spiceworks


Server 2016 Essentials Vs Standard? - Windows Server ...

Hi Everyone, I have a small medical clinic that I'm working with on upgrading from Server 2008 to Server 2016. With the latest introduction of Server 2016, the client has requested that we review the necessity of Standard versus just going with Essentials.


Pluralsight - 40% Off An Annual Subscription. - Training ...

I just got this email from Pluralsight Celebrating our 4,000th expert-authored course We're on a mission to ... Training & Development I just got this email from Pluralsight Celebrating our 4,000th expert-authored course We're on a mission to change the way professionals learn-one course at a time. ... 30% discount for MSDN ...


[SOLVED] Symantec Backup Exec And Hyper V - Spiceworks

I'm having the exact same problem as this guy, except his solution didn't work for me. To summarize and I'm going to copy what he wrote, because it's so similar to my problem.


Unifi Wifi Guest Network Setup - Spiceworks

In Unifi you would then redirect your landing page to a promotional URL and set your custom URL into that location. You will be able to get a lot more detail and instructions on custom landing pages from as that is ubiquiti's community forum and is used by their engenering dev staff as well as their user base


How To Stop HP Instant Ink "Advertisements"...? - Spiceworks

According to the web GUI, all Web Services are disabled and Instant Ink has never been used. However, about 10+ times a day, a huge message pops up on his screen trying to convince him to sign-up for Instant Ink. I have tried just about every solution I could find on Google in order to stop this frustrating HP work flow interruption.


Offer Remote Assistance Using The RA Tools Built Into ...

In order to be able to offer Remote Assistance we have on last step. We need to create a shortcut to the remote assistance tool on our work station. To do this simply create a new shortcut on your desktop and paste the following line into it.


TGRMN Software ViceVersa Pro Specs, Pricing, Reviews ...

TGRMN Software ViceVersa Pro information, specs and pricing, along with reviews and troubleshooting tips written by technology professionals.


[SOLVED] M.2 Add In Card In A Dell Server For A NVMe Drive ...

Has anyone added a M.2 add in card in a Dell Server for a NVMe drive. I have client with an T610 server that they would like to used for a SQL server that needs something faster than a SATA SSD to be the target of thousands of PDFs that are being generated by SQL.


Average Cost Of Installing A Cisco Phone System ? - VoIP ...

The cost of the phone system was in line with the ones I have done recently, however I thought they were out of line on install / config. Perhaps I am just being a curmudgeon but 25k install/config cost for a building that is already prepped is a bit much.


Hand Held EMP Gun - Water Cooler - Spiceworks

Where can I get my hands on a portable hand held EMP gun that can disable something for at least 30mins to 1 hour? I want to shoot the upstairs nabors dryer that they so kindly put on at 12am - 2am every Monday night! also to shoot the noisy petrol hedge trimmer that a ...


Ubi Interactive Ubi Specs, Pricing, Reviews, & Support

Overview of Ubi Interactive Ubi Ubi Interactive is a Seattle based technology startup, that offers a patent pending gesture-control solution to turn every surface into a 3D multitouch-screen. Its solution making use of the latest depth sensing camera technology from Microsoft is uniquely innovative.


Printer Cuts Off Margins On Redirect - Spiceworks

We have people remote to a server to run a program. On the server when they print it prints off the page. At first I thought it was the program at fault, but I found any XPS file it prints to a redirect printer cuts off about .25 inches of the left and right side of the page. It prints fine to the same printer when i added it on the server.


Guest Wifi With Cisco 2500 Controller Question - Spiceworks

Then create a new wireless network. Ensure the new wifi network is set to use the "guest" interface by dropping down the interface options choosing guest (if that is what you called it). As long as you have the IP address settings for it and DHCP/default router correct and the switch is connected to the WLC with trunk settings you should be golden.


DA BEARs? - Outdoors, Sports & Fitness - Spiceworks

DA BEARs? by Texkonc on Oct 6, 2013 at 18:01 UTC. Outdoors, Sports & Fitness. 14. Next: AAF - Alliance of American Football. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Join Now. What in the [Content Removed by Moderator] is wrong with my damn Bears?? ... And as a Packers fan I'm annoyed by the discount ...

OFFER Toolbar Specs, Pricing, Reviews, & Support Toolbar information, specs and pricing, along with reviews and troubleshooting tips written by technology professionals.


[SOLVED] Adding Printer To Guest Network On Ubiquity UniFi ...

Adding printer to guest network on Ubiquity UniFi. by Te45a. on ... Does not work, I can see Printer in a list of devices connected in Ubiquity Controller, and the same IP I entered in Allowed subnets but still can not ping from devices on a Guest network or add a printer. ... Set the UniFi controller Access Control Restricted subnets 192.168.0 ...


Altaro Software Resources For IT Pros - Spiceworks

Hyper-V Backup. Do you have any advice relating to backup locations with the use of Altaro. We currently use LTO / Netbackup to backup solely file data. Obviously the quickest and least affect on network I assume is to attach a primary backup HDD via USB to the server, and use external USB for a copy backup...


[SOLVED] Altaro Hyper-v Backup Issues On Hyper-V Cluster ...

I have an eight node Hyper-V cluster with two CSV resources, running about 20 VMs. I have purchased Altaro Hyper-V backup and it is reporting all nodes are up and running and it is connected to the backup directory. Each host is connected to four networks for ISCSI, Lan, Cluster communications and Live migration.


Best Way To Display A Single Web Page On A Non-smart TV ...

Best way to display a single web page on a non-smart TV? ... Why not just use a cheap old pc in a cupboard or something and plug the tv into the video out.


What Is The Best Asset Tag Practices - Best Practices ...

TAG NOTHING, that way when it breaks you can toss it without having to go through all the asset disposal paperwork. :) Or, you can do like we do (County Government) Tag all assets over $150 in value with a bar-code and 6 digit ID number.


Azure Payment Options - Spiceworks

Azure payment options. by justin22. on ... If I buy from an Azure re-seller will I get a discount / get charged more / ??? It sounds like the enterprise agreement may get up to a 25% discount? ... We have an EA and prepay our Azure services through that at a discounted rate. It really is nice, but its use it or lose it so do your homework and ...


Exchange - Remove "EXTERNAL" Stamp From Subject When ...

Now, what I am trying to do is to remove the text "EXTERNAL" when user will reply to the email. I am having a hard time getting a way to achieve it. Exchange rules, so far I have looked into, does not have anything to remove from subject-line, only to prepend.


Zones, Inc. Specs, Pricing, Reviews, & Support

Zones, Inc. information, specs and pricing, along with reviews and troubleshooting tips written by technology professionals.


"Do You Trust This Printer" Print Driver Message - Spiceworks

In the "Do you trust this printer message" the name of the Print Server and Print driver should be noted. Step 2: Find the relevent Printer Name. On the Print Server . Type NET SHARE at the command prompt and note the Printer Share name and note the corresponding Print Queue name .


Seagate Sued By Own Employees For CEO Fraud Attack - IT ...

Hard drive manufacturer Seagate was sued by its own employees as the result of a successful CEO fraud attack where all the personal information of 10,000 existing and former employees were stolen.


Goldfish Sales Tank... Because Of A Lack Of "Selfie Factor ...

But your mention of goldfish as prizes made me laugh - I do remember winning tons of goldfish vouchers at my elementary school''s carnival every year when I was a kid! I was always so excited until my parents shut it down and never took me to collect the prize.


Is Reselling A "Windows 7 Upgrade Option" Disc And Key ...

The disk with windows 7 installs just as the Retail version. As to whether it is legal or not, no it isn''t legal to transfer an OEM license to a third party. 0


[SOLVED] Anyone Used Labsim Testout CCNA?? - Training ...

I am a student and will be graduating next month. I have just passed my Net+. Had to use Labsim for one of my classes. I have started working towards CCNA and I have Odom''s books. I was wondering has anyone used the Labsim for CCNA?? The full price is in the $600 range but with student discount I can get it for $70. Thanks in advance


Jump Desktop (RDP & VNC) Specs, Pricing, Reviews, & Support

Jump Desktop is a powerful remote desktop application that lets you control your computer from your phone or tablet. Compatible with both RDP and VNC, Jump Desktop is secure, reliable and very easy to set up. A streamlined user interface gives you the best possible remote desktop experience on any of your mobile or tablet devices.


Latitude E6530 Specs, Pricing, Reviews, & Support

With its expansive screen and ultimate performance, the Dell Latitude E6530 is designed for go-anywhere productivity and business-class control. Boasting an expansive, anti-glare 15.6" display, the Latitude E6530 offers ultimate productivity and stylish durability.


[SOLVED] Coupon Printer Software - Spiceworks

Does anyone know any easy way to block users from installing Coupon Printer software on thier computers? All users have local admin rights and unfortunantely they have to have local admin rights for some of the programs we run here.


[SOLVED] Sonicwall Subscription Pricing - Am I Missing ...

01-SSC-0581 - SonicWall TZ300 TotalSecure (1 Year) (hardware with 1 year comprehensive gateway security included) After the first year, you would most likely purchase the following renewal: 01-SSC-0638 SonicWall Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite Bundle for TZ 300 (1 Year) - usually goes for around $400 as Wannes noted.


[SOLVED] Adobe Fonts Location On Computer - General ...

I tried to add fonts to my Adobe Acrobat Standard X program, but I cannot locate the fonts folder. I was able to locate the fonts folder in other programs for the Adobe Creat... [SOLVED] Adobe Fonts location on computer - General Software Forum - Spiceworks


Pluralsight Vs. CBT Nuggets Vs. Youtube Vs. ? - Training ...

Looking at options to get access to some decent structured courses on various topics, some for me, some for my direct report. We have a Safari Books Online subscription and it''s good but of course books can be a bit heavy going and certainly my own learning style is that seeing is better than reading (especially if there are no pictures involved).


VM Backup - Veeam Or Altaro - Spiceworks

Hi All, Looking at one of these for backing up our VM''s, 2 hosts running about 20 VMs + 1 host in DR site idea being can backup the VM''s push a copy out to DR and should the entire site go down just spin them up in short order on the DR host.


Altaro VM Backup Specs, Pricing, Reviews, & Support

Altaro VM Backup is a robust, hassle-free Virtual Machine backup and replication software solution for Hyper-V and VMware. The intuitive interface allows you to ...

OFFER Resources For IT Pros - Spiceworks is the e-commerce division of Cable & Wireless Technologies, Inc., a wholesale distributor of low voltage products, tools, testers, and other devices for telephone, computer network, home theater, commercial sound, video surveillance, CCTV, and other types of low voltage ...


WatchGuard Dimension Upgrade To 11.10 - Spiceworks

I have upgraded Dimension to the latest version (watchguard-dimension_2_0_U2_apt) but this one doesn''t allow me to monitoring my devices (WatchGuard XTM 330). When I added it to the devices list, the Logging status is NO and Managed is Disabled. During adding devices to the list is asking me to download Config file (*.wgd) with notification:


Fireware 12.0 Has Been Released - WatchGuard - Spiceworks

That''s a reference to something that WatchGuard provides as part of the UTM features in its firewall firmware. Avast has nothing to do with this thread because this thread has nothing to do with desktop antivirus products. I am talking about WatchGuard changing the vendor it uses for its GAV (Gateway Antivirus) scanning in its firewalls.


[SOLVED] Watchguard XTM 545 Change External Interface To ...

Solution: Since the 545 devices go EoL end of 2020, it would be smart to grab the current Red4Red promo and upgrade it to a current HW model for the price of. I have a client with a Watchguard XTM 545 and after weeks of trying to figure out why I cant pass more than 100Mbps through I discovered that the default, interface 0, is set to...


Original CD/DVD Volume Labels For Windows - Spiceworks

I have IRM_CCSA_X64FRE_EN-US_DV5 for windows 8.1 and I don''t think it''s correct,also JM1_CPRA_X64FRER_EN-US_DV9 for windows 10 pro. Please can you find the correct dvd volume labels for all including office like above,also server 2008 r2,server 2012 r2,server 2016.


What Is The Best/cheapest Library Management Software ...

What is the best/cheapest Library management software? ... Calibre is a personal e-book management program, not a library management system. ... so we are our own district. (no other schools to share the burden / discount with). Great idea otherwise. The local Libraries are all part of the County, so the entire county uses the same systems. ...


Outlook 2013 Mail Folders Moving Around At Random - Spiceworks

Outlook 2013 mail folders moving around at random. by justinalmeida. on ... A few users in my building have started having this issue. They''ll click on a mail folder (inbox, saved, etc) and the folders will start jumping around. I''ve tried some possible solutions I''ve found online like manually repositioning the folders, resetting the account ...


Moving Inbox To The Top Of The Directory Tree. Outlook 2007.

Moving Inbox to the top of the directory tree. Outlook 2007. by D.R Ryan. This person is a verified professional. ... One of my users has asked me to move his Inbox to the top of the directory tree. (See screenshot) ... this can''t be changed. If it isn''t already, you could add the Inbox to the Favorite Folders area for the user (as it is on ...


I Need Some Security Cameras In A Location With No ...

I need to put up some cameras in an area with no internet. I''ve been looking at NVR systems and it appears these system generate their own wifi signal I just won''t be able to access the system video remotely.

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