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Taco Bell Commercial Song - Taco Mode

Taco Bell Commercial Song - Taco Mode by TV_Spot 12th August 2017 Taco Bell has partnered with Lyft to launch "Taco Mode", a feature in the car transportation mobile app that enables users to hit the drive-through at a Taco Bell during their ride with a simple tap within the app.


Volkswagen St. Nicks Commercial

Volkswagen Commercial - St. Nicks Volkswagen invites you get prepared for St. Nicks with Volkswagen, by cleaning your boots at the car wash, when you have your Volkswagen washed.


Starz Soundtrack | Commercial Song

Tagged: starz soundtrack. Commercial Song. 7 Apr, 2016. Starz Obsessable Commercial Song 2016. Title: Obsessable Image - STARZ Ext It's That Must See Can't Miss Can't Wait Feeling Need To Know Have To Share Gotta Tweet Gotta Repeat Fired Up Full On Feeling It's Unmissable Breathtakable Heartpoundable It's Obsessable STARZ Obsessable ...


Outlander - Season 3 (STARZ & Amazon ... - Commercial Song

The the time-travelling Scottish drama Outlander returns this fall with its third season. Amazon Prime Studios, that streams the series in the UK, has released the official trailer for the upcoming season, revealing that Claire and Jamie, separated by centuries and continents, must find their way back to ...


Starz Obsessable | Commercial Song

Title: Obsessable Image - STARZ Ext It's That Must See Can't Miss Can't Wait Feeling Need To Know Have To Share Gotta Tweet Gotta Repeat Fired Up Full On Feeling It's Unmissable Breathtakable Heartpoundable It's Obsessable STARZ Obsessable Song: Woodkid - Run Boy...


Enterprise Rent-A-Car Commercial 2017 - Kristen Bell

The American car rental company Enterprise Rent-A-Car has released a new commercial, starring Kristen Bell. The 30-second spot, titled "If Only", features the American actress asking herself if Enterprise can solve all her transportation needs.


Audience Network 2017 Series: Kingdom - Season 3 (Trailer ...

Audience Network has released a trailer for the third and last season of Kingdom, set to premiere on May 31. ... Audience Network 2017 Series: Kingdom - Season 3 (Trailer Song) by TV_Spot 17th April 2017. Audience Network has released a trailer for the third and last season of Kingdom, set to premiere on May 31. ... on Audience, which is ...


CBS America's Most Watched Network Fall 2019 Trailer Song

CBS America's Most Watched Network Fall 2019 Trailer Song. ... CBS has released a promo for its 2019 Fall Season, giving viewers a glimpse into the new shows, set to premiere soon. ... (HBO 2017 Series) - Trailer Song. Hidden Figures (2017 Movie) - Trailer Song. Live By Night (2017 Movie) - Trailer Song ...


Progressive Snapshot Jamie In Drivers Ed Class Commercial

Dubbed "School of Hard Lefts," the 30-second spot features Jamie as a student in the back of a drivers ed class, informing his mates that what the teacher doesn't tell them is that Progressive's Snapshot rewards safe drivers with discounts on car insurance.


Retailmenot Song | Commercial Song

Tagged: retailmenot song. Commercial Song. 20 Dec, 2016. RetailMeNot Commercial Song - Handbag. RetailMeNot has released a new commercial, highlighting that RetailMeNot saves the day with online and in-store deals everywhere you shop. The 30-second spot features a young woman who sees a handbag in a window and falls in love with it immediately.


Wayfair Commercial Song - Done Is Fun

Titled "Done Is Fun", the 60-second spot features several persons unpacking the pieces of furniture and home decor bought from Wayfair and celebrating the moment, while in the background an original song performed by Echezona Onwuama, with the following lyrics, is heard.


Taco Bell Commercial Song 2017 - $1 Grilled Breakfast Burritos

"When you''ve had a Morning, let us make you breakfast" - is Taco Bell''s invitation in its latest commercial, advertising the $1 Grilled Breakfast Burritos. The 30-second spot, titled "Work Emails", features a man who wakes up with the sound of work e-mails, so he''s forced to ...


Pringles Commercial Song

Pringles has released a new commercial, highlighting that "no matter what you do with ''em, you don''t just eat them". The 15-second spot features several people who use Pringles to do all kind of experiments, games or simply to have fun, by using chips to make duck mouths and kiss each other in public.


Amazon Prime Series 2016: Mr. Robot Season 2 - Trailer Song

Mr. Robot returns to American screens this summer, on USA Network, on the 13th of July, at 10pm, with a second season comprising 10 episodes apparently full of surprises. In UK, the fans of the brilliant hacker drama series will have to possibility to see what will happen next with Elliot, on ...


Fox Series 2016 - Second Chance - Trailer Song

Fox Series 2016 - Second Chance About: Jimmy Pritchard is killed in a robbery at his son''s home and is brought back to life in the improved body of a younger man by ...


HBO Movies 2018 | Commercial Song

HBO has released a promo informing viewers on all the great shows, documentaries, mini-series and movies coming soon in 2018. The spot, titled "Coming in 2018", features short scenes from the upcoming new series (Succession, Here And Now) new seasons (Animals, Silicon Valley,...


ITV 2017 Series: Broadchurch - Season 3 (Trailer Song)

ITV has released the trailer for the third season of Broadchurch, set to premiere on Monday, February 27, at 9pm. After investigating the murder of a young boy, found strangled on a popular Broadchurch beach, detectives Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) have a a€


Grey Goose Vodka Apartment Golf Commercial

Grey Goose vodka brand is known as a major sponsor of the PGA golf tour. Bacardi requested a traveling bar/lounge/studio designed for Grey Goose for PGA Tour Sponsorship in order to ensure a simple transition of this bar lounge into a TV studio setting for Grey Goose's "19th hole" on the Golf Channel.


CBS Series: Bull Season 4 (Trailer Song)

In addition, the team faces a difficult time in court as they mount a defense for a young bartender on trial for involuntary manslaughter. "Figuring out what to say to a jury is what I do," Bull says in the opening of the 20-second promo, which also sees him stating "I could read this jury on a moonless night with a blindfold on".


Eagles Vs. Panthers Amazon Commercial Song - Thursday ...

Amazon Video has released a promo for the upcoming Thursday Night Football game Philadelphia Eagles vs. Carolina Panthers, inviting you to stream it live on October 12, on Amazon Prime Video, and informing that pregame begins at 7:25 PM Eastern with Kickoff at 8:25 PM.


Wells Fargo Bandits Commercial Song

The commercial, which takes viewers through a trip back in time, when bandits stole the lockbox from the Wells Fargo stagecoach and found rocks in it, and back in 2018, when customers receive text messages in case of suspicious card activity, ends with the voiceover saying "It's a new day at Wells Fargo.


Hbo Promo Song | Commercial Song

Tagged: hbo promo song. Movies. 6 Jul, 2017. HBO New Movies Trailer Song. HBO has droped a promo highlighting that it's bringing the biggest and latest movies to your screen this fall, before any other network. The 60-second clip features scenes from the movies that will run every Saturday, such as Fantastic Beasts and Where To...


Showtime 2019 Series: Black Monday (Trailer Song)

Showtime 2019 Series: Black Monday (Trailer Song) by Chupa Cabra A 1st October 2018 Showtime has released a teaser for its upcoming series Black Monday, which is a co-production between Showtime and Sony Pictures Television Studios, slated for release early 2019.


P&O Ferries Suprise Gifts Advert Song - 180th Anniversary

The British-based company P&O Ferries, that operates ferries from the UK to Ireland and Continental Europe, has released a new TV advert, urging you to "start your holiday before it begins" and promoting its special summer deal, launched to celebrate its 180th anniversary.


Doom Patrol (DC Universe Series) - Commercial Song

Based on the DC Comics superhero team Doom Patrol characters, originally written and drawn by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani, the movie follows the reimagined characters of Robotman aka Cliff Steele, Negative Man aka Larry Trainor, Elasti-Woman aka Rita Farr, Crazy Jane and Cyborg aka Vic Stone, led by the mad scientist Niles Caulder aka The Chief.


2 Dope Queens (HBO 2018 Series) - Trailer Song

HBO has dropped a teaser trailer for the hit comedy podcast 2 Dope Queens, which will come to HBO in February 2018 for a series of four specials. The 60-second promo presents the two dope queens, Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, as "the dopest queens to ever queen in the history of queening".


Showtime Coming Soon 2019 Fall / 2020 Midseason Trailer Song

The promo, titled "Give the People What They Want," features scenes from Showtime originals and documentaries like The Chi, The Loudest Voice, Kidding (starring Jim Carrey), Black Monday, On Becoming a God in Central Florida, City on a Hill, Shameless, which returns with his 10th season, Desus & Mero, the spy thriller series Homeland, set to return with its eighth and final season on ...


Shameless Season 8 (Showtime Series) - Trailer Song

Shameless Season 8 (Showtime Series) - Trailer Song by TV_Spot A 29th September 2017 Shameless returns with its eights season this fall, on Sunday, November 5, at 9pm, on Showtime.

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