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The Difference Between OAR And Capitalization Rates ...

OAR denotes an overall rate of return, also known as overall capitalization rate. The term relates specifically to real estate and displays a ratio demonstrating the rate at which the income made from a property reaches its purchase price. To calculate OAR, divide the net operating income by the price.


How To Calculate A Break-Even Point In Units | Bizfluent

Your break-even point is the threshold at which you start making money, once you've covered both your overhead expenses such as rent, and variable costs such as materials and labor. Knowing how many units you need to produce to reach your break-even point helps you plan and set goals to keep your company solvent.


How To Sign Off On A Project As Finished | Bizfluent

The project lead may believe that the project is over, but this does not become a reality until the client agrees. This usually takes the form of a sign-off sheet that all stakeholders sign to signal the end of the project. The sheet confirms that the project has met the required standards, which is important for triggering payments that are due under the contract and limiting the organization ...


How To Make & Sell Organic Cleaning Products | Bizfluent

The popularity of organic cleaning products is growing because they are attractive to the environmentally conscious and promote the health of those who use them. Organic cleaning products don't create poisonous residue or cause burns to the skin. Better still, you can become your own boss when you make and sell organic cleaning products.


How To Sell On Etsy | Bizfluent

How to Sell on Etsy. Etsy, an online seller specializing in homemade goods like jewelry, clothes, purses, original art and quilts, provides a spotlight for quirky items that ...


American Axle Employee Benefits | Bizfluent

American Axle and Manufacturing supplies automobile components to auto manufacturers such as General Motors and Chrysler. It has 8,500 employees globally -- in addition to plants in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and New York, it has plants as far away as Brazil and China. According to American Axle and Manufacturing (AAM), ...


How To Calculate Cannibalization Rate | Bizfluent

Calculate the cannibalization rate by dividing the sales loss of the existing product by the sales achieved for the new product. How to Calculate the Effect of a Cannibalization Rate As you might imagine, it can be difficult to predict how much a new product will cut into the sales of ...


Easy & Cheap Businesses To Start Up | Bizfluent

Most homes and businesses have carpeting that needs to be deep-cleaned on a regular basis, and you can get started with little money by renting a carpet-cleaning machine at a local store. Print fliers and distribute them among homes in your neighborhood and surrounding areas, then place a small classified ad in your local paper.


Presenting Stock Warrants On A Balance Sheet | Bizfluent

Presenting Stock Warrants on a Balance Sheet. By: Stephanie Powers. Updated September 26, 2017. By: Stephanie Powers. ... Drug maker AVI BioPharma found out the hard way when it had to restate 3 years worth of balance sheets in 2007. Read on so you won't make the same mistake. ... except warrants require that the company issue a new share of ...


Advantages & Disadvantages Of Green Marketing | Bizfluent

Green marketing involves companies positioning their products as environmentally friendly or energy efficient. Many different brands in a wide range of industries use green marketing as a way of standing out from among a crowded field of competitors, but green marketing can also cause problems for companies that rely on it at the expense of other forms of promotion.


How To Learn Tally Accounting Software | Bizfluent

Although not a complete learning solution, Tally Tips can provide shortcuts and make users aware of new ways to use Tally's accounting software. Learn how to work with the value added tax, configure balance sheets and alter voucher numbers. Current and previous tips are accessible through the Tally website in .pdf format.


Role Of The Entrepreneur In Setting Up A Business | Bizfluent

Because an entrepreneur is generally the one who comes up with the idea for a new company, starts it, gets the financing and hires the first employees, he or she is usually seen as the leader, both from within the organization and from the perspective of those outside as well.


How To Prepare A Marketing Environmental Analysis | Bizfluent

A marketing environmental analysis helps a business understand external forces that can affect it. The environment, or external forces, are often factors that a business cannot control, yet it is important to be aware of environmental concerns when preparing a marketing plan ...


The Best Raffle Prizes For Fundraising | Bizfluent

Raffles are a popular fundraiser and can bring in substantial profits if the incentives are right. Raffle prizes are often the catalyst that entices people to purchase tickets; as such, they should appeal to a large audience. A raffle for three head of cattle will not do as well as a raffle offering electronics, ...


How To Calculate With The High-Low Method | Bizfluent

The High-Low Method is a method of accounting used to calculate variable and fixed costs from a mixed cost. This method is often used as an uncomplicated way to estimate future costs and to analyze prior costs. However, if the data points are not consistent, the ...


What Are The Disadvantages Of The High Low Method Of ...

The high-low method of accounting is a management accounting cost estimation tool used to determine the variable and fixed costs of a company's product. To obtain the variable cost per unit, the high-low method involves dividing the difference between the total cost ...


Factors Affecting Budget Predictions | Bizfluent

Budget predictions are impacted when actual revenue received is not as much as originally anticipated. External factors negatively affecting assumed revenue might include an economic downturn, unexpected competition causing lowered sales or an inability to sustain the level of growth needed.


How To Find The Balance On A Books-a-Million Gift Card ...

Books-A-Million is a bookseller that operates a chain of bookstores in the eastern, southern and mid-western regions of the United States. Books-A-Million also operates an online store. The company offers gift cads in denominations from $5 to $500. You can use the gift card to ...


Accounting For Construction In Process | Bizfluent

Built to Sell Accounting for construction in progress when it is for an asset to be sold is slightly more complicated. GAAP dictate the use of the percentage-of-completion method. This is a method that attempts to match revenues to the expenses required to generate them.


What Are Institutional Barriers? | Bizfluent

Institutional barriers to employment in the post-civil rights, movement era have moved past many of the traditional issues such as race, gender or religious background. Current institutional barriers tend to affect those who can't perform at 100 percent. A common example involves employees who want to ...


What Is Marketing Collateral? | Bizfluent

Marketing collateral includes print materials a company creates and distributes to promote its brand, products and services. Brochures, fliers, newsletters, fact sheets, technical papers and press releases are common examples of marketing collateral.


How To Use The GAAP Allowance Method | Bizfluent

The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) allowance method allows companies to estimate and write off their bad debts. According to Michael C. Dennis, MBA, CBF, "Under the allowance method bad debts are estimated and recorded to match revenues and expenses in a given period - satisfying the matching principle."


How To Account For Certificates Of Deposit | Bizfluent

When a business accumulates a decent amount of operating capital, the business owners may choose to deposit the extra funds in a certificate of deposit in order to gain higher interest rates on the funds while they are not needed for normal business operations. Even if the certificate of deposit is serviced at the ...


Types Of Efficiency In Economics | Bizfluent

Social efficiency is a concept somewhat more abstract that the other types of efficiencies. It occurs when the benefit of producing something doesn't outweigh the negative effects production has on society. The nature of social efficiency makes it relevant to the discussion of externalities.


How To Set An Amano PIX-10 Time Clock | Bizfluent

If you're just getting started with your Amano PIX-10 time clock, you'll need to set the time on the machine before use. The time displayed on machine's screen is the same time printed onto employees' time cards; therefore, it's important to have the time set to accurately record employees' work hours, including their "clock-in" and "clock-out" times.


Free Diversity Training Activities | Bizfluent

Diversity training provides a means by which you can assist employees in their development of cultural awareness and sensitivity to others in a multicultural work environment. Diversity training, including the activity ideas that follow, not only helps ensure that the company is ...


How To Ship Heavy Or Bulky Items Via Truck Freight | Bizfluent

Thanks to freight trucking companies and carriers, consumers wanting to purchase large or bulky items are not limited to buying a product somewhere nearby to pick up themselves. For the right price, a buyer can have nearly anything shipped to him via truck freight. Shipping a heavy or bulky item ...


How To Identify UPC Codes | Bizfluent

A UPC barcode is a standard component on most retail packaging and is used by consumers as they make purchases, look up company information or return items. In addition to providing the sale price at the checkout, a UPC code provides information on the product's manufacturer and item details.


How To Start A Dog Training Business | Bizfluent

Invest in some basic dog training supplies, such as dog treats, leashes and collars. Have them on hand and ready to go when you conduct your first training session. Decide whether you would like to offer classes in your home, in the client's home, in a group setting or all of the above.


How To Market Health Care Products | Bizfluent

Health product marketing is a highly regulated industry but is one that is immeasurably important if you're trying to reach customers and have a successful business in health care. To sell health care products the right way, you need to navigate HIPAA and FTC laws with the utmost care.


What Does Debit Revenue Mean? | Bizfluent

The term "debit revenue" refers to the act of posting a debit to a stream of revenue. For example, if items are sold and posted as revenue but then returned, the revenue must be debited. This is also called a contra account, the opposite of a standard account (debit and credit accounts).


How To Make A Project List Resume | Bizfluent

For engineers, construction managers, and any workers who manage or participate in major projects as part of their career, a project list resume is essential when searching for a new job. Rather than focusing on your previous jobs at specific companies as you would in a work experience resume, a project list resume ...


How To Clean The Print Head Nozzle On HP Printer Cartridges

It is important to properly maintain your HP printer head cartridge. Printer cartridges can get clogged with ink from time to time and a frequent cleanings can ensure that your print job comes out crystal clear.


Difference Between Print Head & Ink Cartridge | Bizfluent

Inkjet printers are small, convenient and widely available. There are different styles, including printers that scan, fax and print photos. Inkjet printers are composed of several parts like print heads and cartridges. While print heads and ink cartridges may seem similar, they serve different functions and are ...


How To Open A Family Dollar Store | Bizfluent

Making money is great, and doing it in a way with low start-up fees is better. Starting a Family Dollar Store is one option. First, you have to understand that the Family Dollar Store is not a franchise. However, start-up will require a certain amount of money for merchandise and fixtures. You will be responsible for ...


Marketing Strategy And The Product Life Cycle | Bizfluent

Life is a series of developments and changes, resulting in peaks, decline and eventually, demise. This is the case not only for living beings, but also for consumer products. Products go through four distinct stages in the life cycle, each with its own unique marketing strategies. Managers should ...


How To Start Mobile Juice Bar | Bizfluent

Busy Americans looking for a way to increase their fruit and vegetable count are turning to nutrient-packed juices and smoothies to supplement their diet. This is great news for an entrepreneur looking to jump on this increasingly popular trend. Starting a mobile juice bar ...


How To Value A Liquor Store For Sale | Bizfluent

Before a business like a liquor store can be sold, it needs an appropriate value. This allows the owner to sell the store for a fair price and ensures that the store owner does not lose money during the sale process. There are many factors that go into valuing a liquor store, such as the location of the store ...


Strategies Of Low Cost Airlines | Bizfluent

Low cost airlines came into the public consciousness at the turn of the 21st century as consumers were, for the first time, offered the chance to fly with no frills attached at a reduced cost. There have been companies that have failed but some have profited enormously from this new business strategy.


An Accounting Debit Card Transaction Vs. A Credit Card Entry

Many companies issue debit and credit cards to employees to reduce the expense reimbursements it processes. Instead of reimbursing employees, the company either pays the credit card bill or adjusts its records for the debit transaction. The accounting entries vary depending on whether the employee used a debit or credit card.


Difference Between A Business Plan And A Marketing Plan ...

The plan also includes a section that sets forth the communications platform for the advertising team and/or outside advertising agency to use to develop advertising, promotions and events that align with the communications messaging strategy to reach customers and clients in ...


How To Bottle & Sell Your Own Spring Water | Bizfluent

Bottling and selling water requires deep pockets, but it's easier to get into this line of business than you think. Ask Craig Zucker, founder of Tap'd NY, the company that prints, "No glaciers were harmed in making this water" on its water bottle labels. Competition may be fierce but the future looks clear. ...


How To Start An Art Gallery Business | Bizfluent

To start an art gallery, you need a good understanding and appreciation of art together with the ability to manage and market a business. You'll have to establish relations with artists and members of the community interested in art to build your collection and grow sales.


How To Write A "Not Interested At This Time" Letter To A ...

If you aren't interested in what they have to sell, have a better offer from another vendor selling a similar product or service, or if you're not interested at this time, but would like to reconsider their offer in the future, you should follow some basic steps when communicating to a vendor that you are not interested in their offer.


Human Resource Planning Methods | Bizfluent

Human resource planning uses methods within recruiting, development and employee retention to achieve organizational goals. Workforce analysis allows human resources to compare the current workforce to future employment needs. Determining future requirements allows for methods of attracting, training and retaining of ...


Government Grants For Maple Syrup | Bizfluent

Finding government grants can require a lot of research to find eligible funding for a specific project. Maple syrup grants can be found at both the state and federal levels and are typically related to the farming or business aspects of producing maple syrup.


What Payroll Taxes Do Employers Pay? | Bizfluent

Nearly all employers are required to pay federal unemployment tax. This is the tax that pays for unemployment benefits for laid off workers. Any employer that pays more than $1,500 in any quarter of a calendar year, or that has at least one employee on at least one day in 20 weeks out of the year, has to pay unemployment tax.


How To Deal With A Jealous Coworker | Bizfluent

Get the support of your boss. Rather than approaching him to "tattle" about the situation, give your boss a heads-up that you will be speaking to your coworker about the jealousy. Give him a brief synopsis of the situation, and a summary of the professional way you plan to raise the issue with your coworker.


How To Decline A Lateral Job Move | Bizfluent

When you are offered a lateral job move that doesn't mesh well with your career goals and interests, hesitating to decline is understandable, but the decision to refuse is yours to make. After giving the offer careful consideration and examining your clear and specific reasons for not wanting to accept the position, you need to notify your employer of your choice immediately.


Good Attention Getters For A Speech | Bizfluent

When preparing for a business speech, it's important to take your time and do your homework to come up with the best attention-getters. If you don't grab the attention of your audience within the first 30 seconds, you may have lost them.Think of ways to pique curiosity.

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