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AU, Allies Plan Appeal Of Colo. Court Decision On School ...

A Colorado appeals court has ruled that a voucher plan adopted by the Douglas County School District does not violate the Colorado Constitution even though it diverts taxpayer money to religious schools.Americans United for Separation of Church and State, which helped litigate the case, criticized the Feb. 28 ruling and vowed to appeal.


Appeals Court Upholds Voucher Plan That Would Fund ...

A Colorado appeals court ruled 2-1 today that a voucher plan adopted by the Douglas County School District does not violate the Colorado Constitution by diverting taxpayer money to pay students' tuition at religious and other private schools. Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado and the national ACLU criticized the ruling.


In Florida, Millions In Taxpayer Dollars Are Propping Up ...

The Sentinel report also found that some private schools in Florida that have anti-LGBTQ policies likely wouldn't exist if were not for taxpayers propping them up through vouchers. It noted that at one school, Worshipers' House of Prayer Academy in Miami, at least 112 of 130 students at the institution are receiving voucher support.


Vouchers Vanquished!: La. High Court Strikes Down Jindal ...

Yesterday, something very good happened: The state's supreme court struck down the funding mechanism for Gov. Bobby Jindal's misguided private school voucher plan. The voucher scheme was approved in 2008, and just under 5,000 students currently take part, although plans were in the works to expand it to 8,000 this September.


'Loch Ness Monster' May Get School Voucher Boost In Louisiana

A religious school in Louisiana that uses a textbook asserting that dinosaurs might still be living is receiving taxpayer money under the state's new voucher plan.Eternity Christian Academy in Westlake uses a book for science classes that suggests dinosaurs might still be roaming the planet and that Scotland's legendary Loch Ness Monster might be one of them.


South Carolina Senate Defeats 'Neo-Voucher' Aid To Private ...

The South Carolina Senate has rejected a measure that would have funneled millions into the coffers of religious and other private schools.The state Senate voted 23-18 May 22 against the proposal, following three hours of debate. Amendment 54 would have given hefty tax credits for donations to "scholarship" organizations that pay for tuition at private schools.


Victory In South Carolina!: Senate Votes Down Religious ...

We noted that voucher programs and "neo-voucher" programs (such as tax credits) are ineffective and often lack accountability and civil rights protections. The win in South Carolina is especially gratifying because pro-voucher forces have targeted the state for a big-bucks campaign to pass legislation aiding religious and other private schools.


Congress Slips 'Hurricane Vouchers' Into Budget Bill ...

  The provision, in large part, mirrors a voucher plan Congress adopted after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. But just because they did it once before doesn't make it a good idea. Students who accept these vouchers will have to forfeit many of the rights and protections they would otherwise receive in public school.


Trump Administration Calls For $5 Billion To Fund Backdoor ...

President Donald Trump campaigned in favor of vouchers in 2016, and his appointment of DeVos to the top education job - despite her lack of experience in the field - was seen as a strong signal that the administration would aggressively push for voucher plans.


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Voucher Revival | Americans United For Separation Of ...

The few programs that were operating did so under a cloud of constitutional uncertainty. Numerous federal and state courts had invalidated voucher schemes on First Amendment grounds, citing the principle of separation of church and state.


Trump Budget Proposal Would Funnel $1 Billion To Private ...

President Donald Trump today proposed a $4.4 trillion federal budget for next year that would slash the Department of Education''s budget by about 5 percent - all while diverting $1 billion of the remaining money to fund private school vouchers and related schemes.. Advancing the misguided top priority set forth by Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, this latest budget proposal would ...


Trump''s Putting Voucher Champion Betsy DeVos In Charge Of ...

Americans United is hard at work sounding the alarm about some of the people President-elect Donald Trump has tapped to serve in his cabinet. Among the most troubling is Betsy DeVos, Trump''s pick to run the U.S. Department of Education. DeVos has no experience with public education. In fact, she''s hostile to the concept. DeVos has devoted much of her time over the years to prioritizing ...


Americans United For Separation Of Church And State ...

Americans United for Separation of Church and State (Americans United or AU for short) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that advocates separation of church and state, a legal doctrine set forth in the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free ...


Fibbing In Florida: 'School Choice' Proponents Invent ...

Fibbing In Florida: 'School Choice' Proponents Invent Waitlist For Voucher Program Apr 01, 2014 by Simon Brown When it comes to selling Floridians on the need for an expanded school voucher program, it seems honesty is not the best policy .


Voucher Volley: North Dakota Lawmaker Pushes 'School ...

Like so many "school choice" advocates, North Dakota state Rep. Mark Dosch (R-Bismarck) seems to rely on anecdotes as proof that vouchers work.In a recent op-ed for the Grand Forks Herald, Dosch told the story of a woman who came to him "with tears in her eyes" to thank him for introducing a bill in 2013 that would have created a new voucher system.


Wisc. Voucher Schools Want Public Money But Not Certain ...

Wisconsin's voucher program is currently limited to Milwaukee and Racine. In Racine, schools taking part in the "choice" program reported enrolling a grand total of one student with a disability. By contrast, the Racine Unified School District reports that about 18 percent of its students have disabilities.


Private School Voucher Hearings This Week In Pennsylvania ...

The battle over the proposed Pennsylvania private school voucher program continues this week as the House Education Committee holds additional hearings on the issue in Harrisburg. The Committee will hear testimony regarding the proposal on Wednesday, August 17, and Thursday, August 18. We strongly encourage you to attend and support those speaking out against private school vouchers.


Nevada Supreme Court Blocks Implementation Of School ...

The Nevada Supreme Court in September permanently blocked funA­ding for a massive statewide school voucher program, ruling in two cases, one of which was sponsored by Americans United and its allies. One of the cases, Duncan v. NevA­ada Office of the State Treasurer, was brought by Americans United, the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada, the American Civil Liberties a€


Voters And Vouchers | Americans United For Separation Of ...

According to The Washington Post, 78 percent of voters in November preferred fixing public schools while only 16 percent wanted to move to a voucher system. Americans from all walks of life have rejected vouchers and cast a strong vote of confidence in our public school system. We hope our nation's elected officials take note.


Anderson V. Town Of Durham | Americans United For ...

Anderson v. Town of Durham. Sep 15, 2011 ... After the U.S. Supreme Court held that school vouchers did not violate the federal Constitution, even if used at religious schools, the religious-school parents filed a new suit, in state court, against three Maine towns and the State. We intervened in the case on behalf of resident Maine taxpayers.


Continental Education Strategy For Africa 2016-2025 (CESA ...

Africa is ushering into an era that most observers and pundits are predicting will determine its destiny as the continent of the future. But to fulfill this promised bright future, the continent has to come to terms with its education and training systems that are yet to fully shed the weight of its colonial legacy and its own tribulations as a relatively new political and economic entity and ...


Florida Creates Vouchers For Bullied Students, Expands ...

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) capped the state's 2018 legislative session on March 11 by signing into law an education bill that expands funding for private school vouchers and requires the display of "In God We Trust" in public schools.


Rick Scott | Americans United For Separation Of Church And ...

Florida Gov. Rick Scott capped the state's 2018 legislative session by signing into law an education bill that expands funding for private school vouchers and requires the display of "In God We Trust" in public schools.


Trump's Voucher Onslaught | Americans United For ...

A­A­A­President Donald J. Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeA­Vos continue to push for private school vouchers - even though they still haven't laid out a specific plan for what their federally funded program would look like. Following up on his campaign promise ultimately to funnel $20 billion in taxpayer money to fund vouchers and similar programs, Trump introduced his proposed 2018 ...


The Fight Over States' Private School Voucher Proposals Is ...

Private school vouchers were at the center of the debate in states across the country this week. Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R) unveiled his new voucher plan, and legislative committees in Iowa and Florida moved their voucher bills forward.


Private School Vouchers | Americans United For Separation ...

Public money should go to public schools. Public schools are open to all students regardless of race, religion or ability. They are a unifying force in our society. But private school vouchers funnel desperately needed public resources away from our public schools to fund the education of a few students at private and religious schools.


School Aid Case Comes To An End In South Bend, Ind ...

A lawsuit challenging a plan by officials in South Bend, Ind., to give land to a religious school came to an end recently when a federal appeals court declared the matter legally moot.Americans United and the Indiana ACLU filed a lawsuit last year on behalf of local taxpayers after South Bend officials approved a proposal to buy land in the city for $1.2 million and give it to the Catholic ...


Education Vouchers: Public Money For Private Discrimination

Education Vouchers: Public Money for Private Discrimination Jan 28, 2015 by Simon Brown Herx decided to sue both the school, which accepts voucher students, and the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese for gender discrimination.

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