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What's The Best And Healthiest Lotion To Masturbate With ...

what's the best and healthiest lotion to masturbate with? ... based liquids are the best. Even some of the toy bubble solutions contain glycerin, and are excellent. Don't use hand lotions though, they can burn you. ... Water based and cheap. The kind of lotion that takes 10 minutes to freaking absorb and leaves your hands feeling slick and ...


Does Schlitterbahn Galveston Offer A Military Discount ...

No, everyone pays the same price, If you want a discount on anything, stop buy the hotels and look for the cupon books, they give them away free, sometimes you can find a cupon with a discount ...


Coupon Bonds And Zero Bonds? | Yahoo Answers

Suppose your company needs to raise $15 million and you want to issue 30-year bonds for this purpose. Assume the required return on your bond issue will be 7%, and you are evaluating two alternatives: a 7% annual coupon bond or a zero coupon bond.


Where Can I Find The Bobble Water Bottle In Stores ...

Where can I find the Bobble water bottle in stores? I'm a water freak. I constantly have water with me at all times. Which becomes costly for me since I'm a struggling college student. I usually will bring 4-5 bottles of water with me to a full day of classes instead of buying water bottles on campus. I recently heard about the Bobble ...


Game Stop Power Up Rewards? | Yahoo Answers

Every dollar spent on a game you get 10 or 20 points. 10% bonus trade-in credit, 10% off games etc and one year of game informer magazine also a special coupon buy 2 get 1 free used games. save up points to get reward and stuff. Im thinking of getting it but I thought maybe I should ask people and see what they say.


Is There A Way To Boost Bing Rewards? | Yahoo Answers

Visit the rewards dashboard everyday. Make sure to get all the daily offers. Some days you will get double credits where you can get double the points than the normal days. Also if you reach your maximum credits for the day by noon, make sure to check again in the evening. Sometimes they reset the counter before midnight specially on Fridays.


Republican Vs Democrat Views On Issues? | Yahoo Answers

Republicans want to do this by cutting spending and Democrats want to do this by raising taxes. Education: Both parties strongly value education. Republicans believe in school voucher program. Democrats aren't as much for this. Environment: Democrats believe in Global warming and believe as the country we should be trying to stop this from ...


What Places Currently Accept The VS Angel Card? | Yahoo ...

What places currently accept the VS Angel Card? I have read online that the VS Angel card is accepted at places like bath and body works. However, I can't find any details about this on VS Angel Card's website. Are there places still accepting the card (other than VS) and if so do you have to use the card in the store only or can it be...


Does Anyone Have A Komodo Dragon For Sale? | Yahoo Answers

Komodo dragons are CITES 1 animals, protected under international law. They are an Endangered Species. It's vanishingly unlikely that you will be able to acquire the paperwork to keep them, AND find someone who's willing to sell you one.


9mm Pistols For Under $300? | Yahoo Answers

Hi-Point pistols aren't quite as bad as everyone makes them out to be. They aren't exactly the Cadillac of pistols (heck, they're barely the Yugo of pistols), but they go bang when you pull the trigger. For the $300 and under range, you can get a Smith & Wesson Sigma, a Ruger P95, or a ...


What Is A Starbucks Gold Card? | Yahoo Answers

Starbucks Gold Card. Starbucks Gold. Customers asked for it, Starbucks delivered. Starbucks Gold is the next evolution of Starbucks Card Rewards, a program that was announced in April and has experienced tremendous success over the past six months.


Sims 3 Seasons Serial Key? | Yahoo Answers

sims 3 seasons serial key? I am entering my serial key, and when i go to play it is saying to reenter. is there a different one i cant ry? Update: i alredy tried that code, doesnt work. Answer Save. 10 Answers. Relevance. Nathan. 7 years ago. Favorite Answer. 3Q9Z ...


How Many Promtion Points Is A ARCOTR Worth? | Yahoo Answers

how many promtion points is a ARCOTR worth? Army Reserve Component Overseas Training Ribbon. Answer Save. 1 Answer. Relevance. John G. 10 years ago. Best Answer. Zero. But you can tell the girls it was for capturing a terrorist. 0 0 0. Still have questions? Get ...


Is Taking 72 MG Of Concerta For ADD Too Much? | Yahoo Answers

I have tried 54 MG, and nothing really changes. Today, I took 72 MG and I feel extremely focused, really productive, my mind is much more active, and the distractions are minimal. I don't take the medication every day, maybe like 3-4 times a week. The only side effect I have from taking Concerta is that I don't get that hungry any more.


Is IOffer Safe? Will I Get My Item? | Yahoo Answers

Stock up on winter home essentials ... is iOffer safe? will I get my item? I found an item of clothing i"ve wanted for ages on iOffer for about £20 under what it usually is on ebay and such, and half the price of its RRP. its a buy it now of £42.77, through paypal. is this safe? i found a complaint where someone said they got different items ...


How Do I Make Homemade Cleaning Solution For My Bissell ...

How do I make homemade cleaning solution for my Bissell Carpet Cleaner Machine? The Bissell Carpet Cleaning Solutions are too expensive for me to use in my machine. Please share your homemade recipe for cleaning solutions that can be used in the Bissell Carpet Cleaning Machine.


How Much Do You Make Working At Bebe? | Yahoo Answers

Wrong bebe does not pay minimum wage! I dont know why that person would even have responded when they dont know what they're talking about. At bebe you get commision, 5% of what you sell, so you make $5 on every $100 you sell.


Forever 21 Not Allowing Me To Checkout? | Yahoo Answers

Forever 21 not allowing me to checkout? When I recently tried to checkout on the site, it sends me to a cannot find server page. It allows me to see everything else on the site but it sends me to this page even when i try to log in. I followed some of the ...


Are Rpgshow Lace Wig Good? | Yahoo Answers

RPGShow lace wigs are not cheap, but with that price tag comes a high quality product and some great customer service. They have a quick turn around and whether you do a custom order or purchase a stock wig they always have an open line of communication, you just have to wait for a reply on CST (that would be Chinese Standard Time).


Should I Quit After Being Passed Over For Promotion ...

I was passed over for promotion two years ago. It hurt back then but I kept working hard. I have given so much to this company and was made to believe by several that I will be promoted. I was shocked when they passed me up for some bimbo who knows little about the job. I feel like a complete failure, yet hurt by the experience. How do I deal with this? Should I start looking for another job ...


I Love Atelier Aimee Gowns More Than Anything. But They're ...

Atelier Aimee Trunk Show. November 2-4 Stop in and view the latest gowns from Atelier Aimee. At Dimitra's Bridal and Evening Couture, 1009-11 N. Rush St., 3rd Floor. 312.787.0920. Keep an eye on Ebay too. I got a beautiful Maggie Sotterro for $300 because I bought the sample. Good luck!


What Is The Best Way To Sell Vintage Retired Fiestaware ...

What is the best way to sell vintage retired Fiestaware dishes? ... to write a letter asking for first right of refusal for a home that has caught your eye even though it is not for sale? 7 answers. What product allows you to get foothold on a sheer wall? 5 answers.


Alternatives To Puppy Pee Pads? | Yahoo Answers

Alternatives to puppy pee pads? I have an 8 week old miniature pinscher. She loves to chew up her training pads and eat the fluffy parts/plastic corners. I've tried all kinds of no-chew sprays, duct taping the pads down, everything. Doesn't work. I'm worried that if I litter box train her, she'll eat the litter or kick it everywhere.


What Is A Really Cute Girl Group Name? | Yahoo Answers

what is a really cute girl group name? my sister and i and our cousin have this group. we are all Asians and girls. (yes it is on the question) we just don't know any good names. we have tried putting our first letter of our names but it doesn't really work. they are c,t, and s. so yeah.


Can I Install Software On My D Drive? (Dragon Naturally ...

Can I install software on my D drive? (Dragon Naturally Speaking software)? Hello, My computer runs on my C drive & now my C drive is nearly full. So if I install the software on my Data D, will it run smoothly? The software is Dragon Naturally Speaking. Please help me. Thanks. Answer Save. 3 Answers. Relevance. Marvin. Lv 7.


Promotion From A1C To SrA In Air Force? | Yahoo Answers

Promotion from A1C to SrA in Air Force? So I have been in the Air Force for about 2 and half years and I'm about to put SrA on. The thing is don't know exactly when that date is because I graduated basic training June 26 2015 and I sewed on A1C after I graduated Tech School on September 26 2015 as I am a 6 year enlistee.


What Is The Best Size Perch For A Conga African Gray Parrot

What is the best size perch for a Conga African Gray parrot ? Answer Save. 6 Answers. Relevance. Mr. Knowitall. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. Generally about one inch. Its too small if his toes wrap around the perch and his nails touch/scratch himself. Don't just limit your bird to the standard round one they give you in the cages at the pet ...


Why Does My Parrot Fall Off Its Perch At Night Sometimes ...

When birds are sleeping sometimes they fall off of thier perch they are useually dreaming when they do it my bird has done it plenty of times! It's perfectly normal. You might want to consider a fuzzy bed for it they have them at pet shops for almost all sizes! If it seems to be hurt from falling take it to a vet adn see if it is ok.


Target Employee Discount? | Yahoo Answers

I used to work at target and ended up walking out and never coming back after a terrible confrontation with management about 2 years ago. I just now found my employee discount card in my wallet and im wondering if i can still use it or if it has been deactivated?


Which Store Is Better For Scrapbooking? Michael's Or Hobby ...

Which store is better for scrapbooking? Michael's or Hobby Lobby? ... Hobby Lobby has better sales...they run paper & stickers & albums 50% off all the time..this week in fact. Michaels will run 40% off on albums and stickers, and paper they will run 4/$1 which is a really good deal. I shop at both places, just depends on what I'm looking for ...


Does Walmart Charge For Shipping To Your House? | Yahoo ...

Does Walmart charge for shipping to your house? I DONT wanna do the site-to-store shipping cause I heard it takes longer because its free! But I am buying a ipod touch, and the total is $186.54 without tax.


Will Sam's Club Refund A Price Drop? | Yahoo Answers

Will Sam's Club Refund a Price Drop? I bought a table last week from Sam's Club. Today I noticed they dropped the price $100. Someone at my husband's work told us that they would refund us the difference if we had our receipt. Does anyone know if this is true? I checked the website already and read the refund policy.


Where Can I Buy Royal Riviera Pears? | Yahoo Answers

Royal Riviera pears are another name for Comice pears. You should be able to find them at several grocers but more likely at one that is a more specialized artisan type market place like whole foods. They are typically found from about September to feb-march.


Does YouTube Promotion Thing Actually Work? | Yahoo Answers

Does YouTube promotion thing actually work? I wanna know if YouTube promotion actually get you more viewers?? Cause I was thinking about buying it but i dont want to buy it if it's a waste of money?? Thanks in advance


How Much Does It Cost The Smallest FLOWRIDER Stand ...

How much does it cost the smallest FLOWRIDER stand? I saw the one they have in "Adrenalina" (Orlando) and I would like to install one near Mexico City. Answer Save. 5 Answers. Relevance. aelk2004. Lv 4. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. Well, it took a little digging, but I think I have some answers for you.


Air Force OSI Promotion Rate? | Yahoo Answers

The Air Force doesn't have promotion rates for specific AFSC's. IE: one AFSC does not promote any faster or slower than any other AFSC. 2. The Air Force decides to promote a certain percentage Air Force wide in a pay grade, then every AFSC promotes that percentage. So say the AF decides to promote 25% of the E-5's to E-6's this year.


I Need A Good, Cheap Graphics Card For Gaming? | Yahoo Answers

I need a good, cheap graphics card for gaming? I don't have that much money, and My favorite game keeps crashing either due to the ram, or the graphics card. what would be a good card for me? And i can only go to someplace like best buy or somewhere like that.


Saw - The Ride - Thorpe Park - Fast Track Ticket? | Yahoo ...

Can you buy a fast track ticket for the new ride at Thorpe Park, Saw - The Ride? If you can, how much is it, and what is included? ... The Ride - Thorpe Park - Fast Track Ticket? Can you buy a fast track ticket for the new ride at Thorpe Park, Saw - The Ride? ... you would need three 2 for 1 vouchers to work for all 6 of you. Have fun! :] 0 0 0 ...


Does Amazon Ship To Denmark? | Yahoo Answers

Does Amazon ship to Denmark? I am building a new PC and I need to know if ships to Denmark. I've checked their website but couldn't really find it. Could be good, if you could also find the prices.


Consumer Math Test Review? | Yahoo Answers

You have an additional 10% off coupon for Markdowns for purchases over $100.00. How much more do you save when compared to the original sale price? (1 point) * $10.95 * $5.30 * $16.25 * $11.10 15. You are purchasing 2 shirts at $10.00 (each) and 1 pair of jeans at $35.00 (each). You have a coupon for 10% off.


Websites Like | Yahoo Answers

Does anyone know of other websites like I like how they work and want to know of others.


Present Value Of A Perpetual Stream? | Yahoo Answers

First solve for the Present Value of a perpetual stream of $1,000 payments, using a discount rate of 4%. (NOTE: this only works if it is a perpetual stream of payments. Then, since you won't start receiving the annual payments for another 7 years (T=16 vs T=9), you need to discount...


Is 2b Bebe A Good Store? | Yahoo Answers

i have never been to a bebe outlet but i do think it will be good quality because it comes from the bebe stores (i guess wornt sold or someone damage them0 best thing to do is just goand check it out maybe you will get something you will love and wear ♥


What's The Difference Between Bebe And 2b Bebe? | Yahoo ...

This Site Might Help You. RE: What's the difference between Bebe and 2b Bebe? I know 2b Bebe are outlet stores but aside from that is there any other difference?


Overwhelmed By New Job. Help!? | Yahoo Answers

Overwhelmed by new job. Help!? Oh my LORD! I am on my 2nd week on a job and I feel like i am in waaaaaaaaaaaaay over my head! Long story short, I am a manager and the person in the job before me (whom I replaced) has created a very messed up situation, and now, already, I feel like my bosses are expecting me to know everything that is going on ...


20 Percent Off Of 100? | Yahoo Answers

20 percent of 100 would be worked as follows:.20*100=20. Then, you would subtract 20 from 100: 100-20=80. 20% off of 100 would be 80, which is your final answer.


Buying Apple MacBook Pro On Credit Card - 0% Purchases ...

Finance through Apple and trust that you're working with a safe company. It's going to be worth it in the end, I promise. If you really want to finance through another company, get a 0% interest American Express or Visa card. When they say 0%, they mean you pay nothing EXTRA for 9 or 12 months.


Getting To E7 Or E8 In The Army National Guard? And Moving ...

I am going to be either an 11B (Infantryman) or 68W Combat Medic (Healthcare Specialist). Which one of those two MOSs will be faster to get promoted to E7 or E8? If I get into the National Guard as an E3 (PFC) then how long and how hard will it be for me to get to E7 or E8 (SFC or MSG/1SG)? Is there anything I can do to make getting the promotion faster? How many times do you ...


Where Can I Get Extremely Cheap Or Fake Nike Elite Socks ...

This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I get extremely cheap or fake nike elite socks? Nike elite socks are expensive are there any places I can get really cheap or fake nike elite socks ...


Can You Buy Games With ITunes Gift Card? | Yahoo Answers

Yes, buying a game takes out money on your account the same way buying a song or TV show would. If you have money in your account from a gift card, it will take it out of there first, and then out of your bank account if the price is over what you have left on the gift card.

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