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Employee "tuition Benefit": I.e., Columbia Pays For NYU ...

Most top private schools give free tuition to sons and daughters of faculty members at that particular school (and in most cases, also more leniency on admissions standards for these children). Some schools also offer "portable" tuition discounts where they will pay all or at least a sizable portion of the tuition for these faculty children at ...


Tuition Remission? Really? | Confessions Of A Community ...

The state sets tuition, which it hasn't raised in forever, but colleges set fees. At this point, "fees" outstrip tuition by factors of five or six across the state. But the employee benefit only covers the "tuition" part, so the benefit has been essentially frozen for decades, becoming much more like a ...


Understanding Private School Tuition |

Our Average Private School Tuition Cost pages are designed to help you find schools which will fit into your budget. Having paid many private school tuition bills over the years for my four children I totally understand how important cost is. But as I mentioned above, there are several other factors which you need to consider as well.


FAQ: Employee Tuition Programs | Policies | Human ...

An itemized invoice or other school official document showing tuition, fees and any financial aid received is also required. If you receive scholarships, grants, discounts, etc. that are applied to your tuition cost, please note that your benefit will be calculated from your tuition minus those credits.


Employer Contributing To Private School Fees | Mumsnet

In a recent discussion with a few other mums regarding the affordability of private school fees, especially if you have more than one DC, I was surprised to find out that there were quite a number of parents whose employers were contributing to their DCs private school fees.


Employer-Provided Education Benefits

For tuition discount purposes, the definition excludes graduate schools and day care centers. Day care center discounts are governed by IRC Section 129 instead of IRC Section 117, which allows a maximum tax free discount of up to $5,000.00 per employee.

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