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Cornell & Diehl Chopped Cigar Leaf 2oz | Buy Cornell ...

Cornell & Diehl's Chopped Cigar Leaf is comprised of Pennsylvania cigar wrapper tobacco in ribbon-cut form. An earthy, semi-sweet tobacco with the subtle flavors of coffee, hay and brown sugar, it can be smoked on its own or mixed by home blending enthusiasts to imbue their favorite blends with the distinctive flavor and aroma profile of cigar leaf.


Dark Leaf Woods

Dark Leaf Cigars - for unbeatable flavor and a taste that you will be sure to enjoy and remember. White Russian Woods We mixed the flavor of Vodka, Cream and Kahlua with Dark Leaf tobacco for a cigar that will intoxicate you with it's rich, distinctive, creamy taste. Banana Woods ...


Strip District - Leaf & Bean

Originally making it's debut in 2003, Leaf & Bean in the Strip District has become a true Pittsburgh favorite for cigar smokers, coffee lovers, and even those just looking to escape to a "Florida Keys" environment.


Iconic Leaf Cigar Company

The Recluse Amadeus Habano Reserva is the 4th installment of the Recluse family and winner of the Cigar of the Year 2015 awarded by The Cigar Authority, keeping with our two year fermentation process and 100% Entubar rolling style.


Garcia Y Vega Game Leaf Cigars | Santa Clara Cigars

Since 1882, Garcia y Vega cigars have been one of the most successful and profitable machine made cigar brands in the US. The newer Garcia y Vega Game Leaf cigars feature a little western flair. These rustic-looking cheroot-style cigarillos come in four scrumptious flavors: Cognac, Natural, Sweet Aromatic, and ...


Discount Game Cigars Online | Gotham Cigars

Game Cigars are the best-selling machine-made cigars in the United States. Manufactured by Garcia y Vega, this line of cigars was first introduced in 2007. Since then they have become a hot favorite of both new and seasoned smokers for their high quality, delicious flavors and affordable prices.


Leaf & Bean: The Craft Beer Of Cigars - NEXTpittsburgh

There are only two things for sale at Leaf & Bean: coffee and cigars. This eclectic cigar shop is Jim's childhood dream of a clubhouse becoming a reality-at just about the ...


Garcia Y Vega Game Leaf - Pipes And Cigars

Garcia y Vega has been one of the biggest-selling brands of cigars in the US for decades. Their newest entry is Game Leaf - natural wrapper cigars with a rustic look, similar to the spaghetti-western cheroots, but that's where the similarity ends. Game Leaf comes in four great flavors - Natural, Sweet Aromatic, Wild Berry, and Cognac. When you want a tasty cigar that won't require a long time ...


Leaf By Oscar Cigars - Buy Premium Cigars Online From 2 ...

Leaf by Oscar was created by one of the most colorful men in the cigar industry, Island Jim. Leaf by Oscar can be described as a cigar, wrapped in tobacco. Confused? So were we at first. Instead of a traditional cello, the cigar is wrapped in a tobacco leaf that is removed prior to smoking.


Game Leaf Natural| Cigarillos | BnB Tobacco

Ever since they hit the market in 2007, The Game Cigars by Garcia y Vega have been one of the most popular brands in the tobacco industry. These mild smokes are all machine-made with natural wrappers. With a variety of flavors to choose from and a uniquely styled flavoring, The Game cigars have become the go-to for man


E4P Cannabis Cigars

E4P Cannabis Cigars are made completely out of the Cannabis Plant. Flowers, Concentrates and Cannabis Fan leaves wrapped and cured for 30 days.


Garcia Y Vega Game Leaf Foil Pouch Cigars

The pouch cigars in the Garcia y Vega Game Cigars also comes in a Cigarillo. Ideal for Cigarillo lovers, as they can enjoy the mild taste of this natural leaf cigar. Visit the site now for the best deals.


Leaf Cigars - Smokingpipes.com

Previously a house exclusive at his Leaf & Bean Strip cigar shop in Pittsburgh, "Island" Jim Robinson's Leaf series began with the now renowned Leaf by Oscar line, a unique collaboration with rising star Oscar Valladares defined by its loose tobacco leaf packaging.


Leaf By Oscar Cigar

The Leaf by Oscar Maduro is an excellent cigar. I found that the subtle honey sweetness that this cigar delivered made it taste very different from many other maduros I have had.


LEIRA Cannabis Cigars

Leira cannagars are coveted by everyone, from A-list celebrities to sports stars to just regular old cannabis connoisseurs but the 24k Gold Leaf Gilded cannagars express true luxury for those looking for the finer things. Besides being the life of the party, this a very meticulous handcrafted art piece that expresses high class.


Aganorsa Leaf | Cigars

Become a Retailer. 2018 Aganorsa, LLC.


Oscar Valladares Cigars | We Will Beat Any Price By $10

Oscar Valladares cigars offer a variety of awesome premiums in a range of unique styles including the best-selling Leaf by Oscar cigar. Best Cigar Prices carries Oscar Valladares cigars at ...


Leaf By Oscar Connecticut - Cigars International

Turn a new LeafI know, I know. At first glance, these cigars are some of the ugliest sticks you'll ever see. But that's just the protective, outer leaf. Unwrap it, and you'll find a beautiful specimen inside, handmade by skilled rollers in Honduras, and blended by Oscar Valladares. A Honduran puro, the Leaf by Oscar Connecticut weighs in a little heavier than your typical Connecticut ...


Micallef Cigars | Buy Cigars Online At Discount

Buy Cigars online in Florida for the best brands including Micallef Cigars. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed! New releases and hard to find smokes.


Padilla Cigars | Buy Cigars Online At Discount

Padilla Cigars is a leading brand of premium boutique cigar founded by Ernesto Padilla. These fine cigars are constant receiver of 90 plus ratings in the popular cigar publications and a favourite of the cigar connoisseurs. Padilla Cigars are medium bodied cigars.


Leaf By Oscar Maduro - Cigars International

The Leaf goes darkI don't know if I've ever heard more calls for us to carry a brand than the droves of CI Nation demanding Leaf by Oscar. Originally starting in Pittsburgh, PA, the Leaf by Oscar has swept the nation, delivering their four boutique brands to cigar enthusiasts everywhere. And I'll be honest, when they landed here we conducted a little scientific "taste-test" across ...


Leaf By Oscar - Thompson Cigar

Leaf by Oscar cigars are brought to you by the skilled Oscar Gordo - handmade in Honduras. Keep your eyes peeled for free s/h available at Thompson Cigar.


Leaf By Oscar Cigars | Cigars.com

Leaf by Oscar Cigars (6 Reviews) When you first see the premium, handmade Leaf by Oscar cigar you'll think somebody forgot to glue down the wrapper, but once you realize you need to remove the outer tobacco layer things take a turn for the better! Resting underneath this ugly taco shell-looking leaf is a gorgeous Nicaraguan Jalapa wrapper ...


Leaf By Oscar Cigars | Premium Handmade Cigars | JR Cigars

Shop for Leaf by Oscar Cigars online at JR Cigars.com for great prices and selections. With a variety of premium wrappers, the affordable Leaf by Oscar Cigars are handmade with aged 100% Honduran tobaccos. Don't forget to buy Leaf by Oscar Cigars boxes and singles at JR Cigars for excellent deals. JR Cigars.

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